Is it possible to stop masturbation forever?

Please tell me what you think

It is, but wet dreams are uncontrolled

Why would you do that?
The purpose with this ‘campaigns’ that we do here is to get control over ourselfs.
In order to have a better life and also an healthier sex life too.
Sex in one of the greatest things you can do in this life. Don’t prive your self of that, but don’t do it by impulse, neither with anyone just per necessity. You not an animal, you’re a man.
And man provides, protects and takes care.
We are builded for it.
We’re husbands, fathers, we’re sons.
Cheers mate.


I meant to say “masturbation”.

Yes it is. If you have a healthy sex relationship, you will never have to masturbate.


I agree brother but many people here have diffrent goals and indeed one of them is to have better control over ourselves, some want to be celibate, some want to have less brain fog to concetrate on things like their hobby, arts,work and soo on, also as the main commentator said some want to live a monk life the main goal here to beat the addiction because it hinders everything in our lives


Well, as a muslim I can’t have a sex relationship (except marriage) and I am not planning to marry soon. Do you think I still can stop it forever?

I am a muslim too, and I know what you mean. Dont worry pal, you can stop this. Firstly believe that you can even when it seems impossible to do so. Secondly realise that you gain nothing from it except mess up your dopamine receptors and whats the point of pleasure if your dopamine receptors dont even work as good as they used to? Thirdly you should know its not gonna be easy, especially during flat line period and you might wanna quit nofap. But dont keep yourself busy and inshallah you will be proud of your achievements. Stay headstrong brother!

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You can have natural wet dreams when you have so much sperm. So I think yes. But is healthier having sex.

Yes, it is possible.
I am also ready to sacrifice sex if it gives me some superpowers.


Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate your help❤.