What is your longest streak so far?

Hi Guys,

What is your longest streak you have achieved so far… And what is your goal. How long you wish to abstain from PMO


hi anewrok i tried it about 5-6 times during the last two years (each time on my own)
never came farther than day 4 or 5.
since trying this app (and thanks to this forum) i made it to 31 days (current counter)
my goal definitely 365 days (theoretically never again but thats not a good definition of a goal)


Hey anewrock,

I’ve made it past 90 days in the past, I felt like a kid in spirit with the intelligence and body of an adult. The whole world felt fresh and beautiful. I had never experienced so much improvement in every aspect of my life from such short a time, it showed me the reality of what this choice, repeated so many times, has been doing to me. My goal is to leave PMO behind forever and to channel my sexual energy into improving my life as much as possible and setting goals which will surely one day involve me falling in love and starting a family. Until then, and even after, there is much to do. I have no more time for things that keep me from reaching my potential. I’ve been at this for years, but I truly believe this is the year that I will forever leave PMO behind me. I’ve never been so ready, so livicated, and so focused.
Right now I intend to continue this streak and get a good head start on 2018 and have 2018 be the year I finally leave behind this madness.


My longest streak was 6 days , but I got triggered by some post and I’ve relapsed but I’m going to do it better and fight this habit!


I was living with together with a few other people leading to a solid 30 sunny days
Being constantly on the move
Having no time to relax and pushing forward


My longest streak has been 24 days…i am addicted to Pmo since last 10 years…it ruined my whole life.


I’m 77days streak atm which is my longest streak since i started around 230 days ago. Started because felt introvert and weird even normal porn didnt excite me anymore so i realized that porn is destroying my life. My main goal is to get my life straight and get a better connection to my family work on myself and train to Talk to girls without that porn background in my brain


My longest streak is 60 days.


My longest streak is 22 days. I reached it twice. My first goal is 60 days. I feel confident that I will reach it in the next year. After that I believe it will be easier to completely quit this addiction.


718till now,nofap doesn’t mean no sex right


So you are that one guy huh :grinning:


My longest streak was two years ago: 70 days.

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Right now I’m trying to quit but it seems impossible

Around 20 day. i already really forgot pmo at that time cause i got a lot things to do.but after i got a rest that thing really come again i got myself already fapped

Around 29 days without nofap. And 70 without porn. Since 2016.
My goal at this moment is 30 days

60 days. Its hard to start with day 1. It becomes easy to control urge with time. But overconfidence can take you to day count 0 again. Avoid edging and continue to be unbeaten. Stay healthy.


My longest streak is 10 days but I will try to double this :slight_smile:

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My longest steak was when I didn’t yet notice that pmo was a problem. Some things went pretty well for me by accident you could say, and I was clean for 5 months or so.
But, things went south eventually, and since I wasn’t aware of this problem I didn’t fight it.
After that, longest was 59 days, starting August this year. Hope to make it way past that in the new year!

Edit : Yes it was a long steak. And it was tasty


31 days with edging :neutral_face:

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Great ! You Didn’t fap for past 2 years ?