What is your longest streak so far?

Whats your age adios ?

I have never been able to empathize with someone or something as much as I have this post. This completely describes my situation and I understand completely what you’re going through. I wish you the best, and I truly hope you find what you’re looking for. Add me 7016a8

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My age is 26. If you are my companion i want to know urs. I am addicted for 12 years so i want to know for how long are you addicted. It will help in our journey.

I am trying to quit since 2017 beginning but still not successful. It will take some time and discipiline. Nothing is impossible bro.

I’m on Day 260 without PMO


Cause I started nofap for my girlfriend,she also helped me a lot,if I couldn’t resist I’ll just do the real thing instead of using my hands

My longest streak was 2 days

Thank you. I really appreciate your words. It feels good knowing we are not alone, but connected, supported, and unified in the healing of this compulsion which thrives in separation, isolation, and distance. I went ahead and added you, feel free to do the same my code is below. Namasté brother

Is that 718 days?

Add me 7016a8

55 days. And have a relapse. Trying to overcome this, but has been so fucking hard

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98 days. I was boss. Lol nah but i felt in complete control of my body and mind.


two months may have been the longest time for me

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Around 70 days was my longest streak. It felt great. The attraction powers were real and I had way more focus and drive. Needed less sleep. It was like having a little more energy you can tap into. My goal is 90 days. My strength is way up in the gym at 23 days, so I’m expecting some awesome shit in a few months. It’s just the headaches that get to me. At the 60 to 70 day mark they get pretty challenging.


What is meant by PMO?

Porn, masturbation and orgasm.
Mine 7 days

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40 days… Now at 7
Gave in just because of laziness

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I have been addicted for 14 years. The longest period I have abstained from PMO was 14 days. It was last year. I came to 11 and 10 days too.

I needed help …ur on day 260…so vill bettr understand it…i have high dopamine level…i never had gf or had sex …but since i have stsrted nofap…i no longer want to watch porn or masturbate…but i have this high desire to have sex .that i feel soo frustated …i dont have any gf till now…i m 21…what should i do. Should i do paid sex or not…the frustation is real and it kills me…just say yes or no…i vill do the same…

My longest streak not counted on this app was 4 years. My current counter is at day 157. My problem back then of why I went back to pmo was because I never addressed the underlying and fundamental reason of why I was doing nofap. It was never a lifestyle change…it was more of just a struggle of not doing it. When I committed to completely change my life around by truly desiring to have control over my urges and my life in general, that’s when the healthy progress of a true lifestyle change began. I am committing to never give into porn or masturbation ever again. Like EVER. Period. I don’t need it to be happy and satisfied with life.

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can you please tell the problem you had. I just want tO relate my self.
I have searched a lot to find my problem. but haven’t clearly found it.