What I Say vs. What I Do - Monthly Challenge


What I Say vs. What I Do - Monthly Challenge
Welcome to one of the most challenging competitions of all

(1) you choose the tasks
(2) you choose the time you want to complete it by
(3) you choose something you will NOT do while doing the task

The maximum time-limit you have for 1 task is 1 month!

The scoreboard reflects the ratio of your wins to your losses aka how well you kept your word in this competition.

In this competition, your challenger is none other than yourself. Who knows you better than yourself - your strengths and your weaknesses?

The proverbial, “you are your own best friend or your own worst enemy and the choice is up to you,” holds true for time immemorial.

This is sadly the most common reality: we all say, “I will do this thing by that time,” and then fail to deliver. But winning is also a reality is it not?

It’s said that even one drop of water falling on hard rocks, breaks them given enough time. In comparison, we are oceans unto ourselves. Over time, competing with ourselves, staying true to my word will become second nature. And each one of us can look into the mirror and know that we are better than we have ever been in our entire lives.

  • Do you have the guts to join the challenge?
  • Do you dare take the risk against yourself?
  • Do you have what it takes to stand up against your excuses and against your tyranny?
  • Can you be your own boss and manage yourself while working as your own employee?
  • Can you handle having to answer to the best version of yourself?

If you are ready, read the rules.


  1. I choose to commit to ‘doing homework 3 for physics’ (active speech; avoid saying I will “do” nofap… you can’t do a negative) by
  2. 3pm on February 20th’ (time and date) as my absolute deadline.
  3. To help me achieve this, I’ll use the Internet necessarily and mindfully.

Change the bold text to suit you. After you have finished the task, EDIT your post and update your win:fail ratio.

Begin with ‘0’ and add ‘1’ for every word kept - and you win if and only if you managed all that you said. Similarly, if you lose, begin with ‘0’ and add ‘1’ every time you didn’t keep your word.

(Then add comments as you like)

After the deadline has passed, record the result (whether successful or not) by editing your post AND scoreboard. Do more things faster to increase your score.

A winner will be decided every month!

_Useful Tools I Know_
  • S.M.A.R.T. (a method to complete tasks by making them: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bounded)
  • 90/10 Rule (spend 10% of your time planning and 90% of your time doing)
  • 80/20 Rule (aka Pareto principle suggests that the top 20% of your list will take 80% amount of work - so do those instead)
  • ABCDEs (a way to divide tasks based on importance… do the A tasks now and eliminate the E tasks and so on)
  • Eisenhower’s Box (a 2x2 decision matrix of Urgency vs. Importance to select what to do first)

And there’s lots of great timer apps. All the best!

Finally, since this is a self-reporting competition, the utmost honesty in expected.

Include your info in the following way, to be added to the scoreboard:

My info:
Sharing code - a9518e
Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 50 days
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - India

Edit the scoreboard and add it yourself, thanks!




:postal_horn::fire::zap:Winner of February 2019:zap::fire::postal_horn:

@Name - ASL (code) - current streak (highest streak)… WIN:LOSS

@Hellojaani - 25M :india: (a9518e) - 2 (50)… 3:6
@_KarmaYogi - 27M :india: (thxmdu) - 1 (67)… 0:0
@JorgeCMP - 23M :mexico: (y6lb1f) - 4(12)… 1:1
@MrXYZ - 16M :india: (7b48bd) - 8 (119) … 0:0



Here we go!

  1. I commit to catching up on all of my work
  2. I set the end of the day at 11:59pm as my absolute deadline
  3. While working, I refuse to be on the internet
  4. My success counter: 0
  5. My failure counter: 1

I have a lot of hw assignments pending. Alright, Im on it!

Edit: I let my emotions do the talking for me… not only did I not catch up on all my work but Im still far from it… I believed if I set the goal unreachably high, I might have gotten at least 50% done trying to reach it (I got like 30% done). Who am I fooling, I see thru my BS… instead, in the pressure of reaching there… I made some progress which I would never have made without writing here but in biting off more than I could chew I overpromised and underdelivered not to mention, also relapsed. Okay… well night is still young. Man what the fuck… seriously. This needs to be thought thru.

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Thanks bro this is amazing .
I am up for it
Sharing code thxmdu
Cs 1
Hs 67
Age 27
Gender M
Location India

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Welcome aboard @_KarmaYogi !! All the best man, keep updating score. Lets keep our word… not even a single failure. Im out for the day - I said no internet haha, catch you later, hope to see great things.

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I commit to at least 1 complete assignment
My absolute deqdline is 11.59pm today
While working ai refuse to be in my room
Success Counter 1
Failure Counter 1

Today is a new day… Ive got around 12 hrs left.

Edit 1 - It was done! But kinda disappointed it was only one… lol nothing satisfies me… this is thr idiot-mind talking.



Today… 8 hours remaining…

I commit to spotlessly cleaning my workspace and getting started on overdue assignments and at least finishing one. My absolute deadline is midnight. And I refuse to work without a timer.

Success counter 1
Failure counter 2

On to it.

Edit: didnt do it… i feel im constraining myself too much… also probably the reason my threads dont lift off… my ocd about controlling life spreads and sane people are like… wtf man, that shit is unnecessary and restricting



I was thinking… let me come back at the end of Feb with a good 21 days yeah! But then I knew it was an excuse… alright… ready player one? Yes Im ready… how about this

This daily thing is too much… ill spread it out

By the end of this weekend… I will be all caught up! Okay!!! And I wont do anything sexual.

Success 2
Failure 2




This is starting to feel like a chore doing this alone… I got as much as I could from this. Ill leave it here.

Group remains open for others. All the best!



This Is a great challenge, though i think some things cant be done in one day, maybe if the challenge was per weak people could think of more activities to do and may be more achievable. Aldo, setting an activity for a day and ending up not doing it can be discouraging; instead setting a challenge for a weak and doing it at least a day encourages people to think they can do it again and more often.

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Either way, I’d like to be part of the challenge



Cheers and welcome! Tbh your post made me want to come back! It seems too difficult because the constraints are in fact set that way. Thanks for the suggestion, I agree with you. Ill change the rules… check them out!

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What do you guys think of the new rules?



I think they are better this way, there are many things you can do in one month compared to a day.
I also like the questions that dare you to take the challenge, nice add on :+1:
I hope more people come take the challenge cause it seems like a nice way to start new habits and get rid bad habits.

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I guess I’ll start then.

  1. I commit to do an hour of exercise three days a weak.
  2. I set the end of february as my absolute deadline.
  3. While exercising, I won’t browse FB.
  4. Succes counter: 0
  5. Fail counter: 1

Si, I’ve done no exercise at all, but I guess there’s still time. I should stop creating excuses as there’s no time or the place is not suitable. I guess I coukd just go out and run a couple of blocks.

Today I woke up early and went to a sports center. I did a couple of laps and dos some exercise with some people that were pulling some strings, it looked easy but soon I knew there was more to it than pulling.
So first day on this week, I guess that’s just a third of a win, I’ll be going tomorrow too so I’ll keep you updated.

Second day of exercise this week, just one day more to get my first win.

Didn’t achieve the third day this week but at least went 2 days, still a fail though but I’m not giving up


  1. I commit to finishing ONE HW assignment
  2. Before sleeping at midnight - my absolute deadline.
  3. Meanwhile I wont be distracted by my phone (turning the forest app timer on)

Win:Fail Ratio - 2:3

Edit: I started it but slept before finishing. Glad I at least started it.


  1. I commit to making up at least 1 HW assignment by
  2. Midnight tonight as my absolute deadline
  3. Meanwhile I wont be distracted (working with a timer app)

Win:Fail Ratio - 2:4

Here goes! I did something… but once again not completed… dammit. Alright, this daily thing is a bit much. Ill change my goals to weekly.


  1. I commit to a simple, straightforward flow-state Master List so all I do is upkeep that excel sheet for 5 min a day and spend rest of the time doing things instead of OCD organizing
  2. I commit to having completed this by midnight
  3. I wont be spending more than 1hr on it

Win/Fail - 3:4

Aide be!

Edit: DID IT



Apologies , as financial year end is around the corner. I am too much occupied with office stuff. I am not evening peeking into this app. Will be active some time later. Please remove my name as of now



Dont worry man. The goal is to be more productive and keep our word. The tools we use are at our disposal not the other way around. This group is always open.