What do you think of edging without p0rn?

Can I just focus on sensations?

Edging is the reason of vanity in our lives and to fill it your mind, whether you like it or not would bring po** or masterbation whereas what you can do instead is read, play football or simply go out for walking or cycling. Imagine there’s an empty trunk in your house and your things are lying around what would you do fill the trunk so that’s what the mind will do it gets those sensations fill your mind and then overwhelm you what would you do watch porn. You will not be able to stop yourself then. So stop now. Prevention is better than cure.

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Edging is big no no?
I do that whenever my urges are at peek.

And how to release that sexual tension then? As a 25yo who never had a girlfriend and has very low chances of getting one.

To function somehow normally.Whenever I ejaculate, I feel so weak and anxious that I cant concentrate on anything for 4-5 days.
After a wet dream I feel weak also… So how I am I supposed to feel some pleasure?

Bro can you tell if we edged and got Blue Ball, what should we do next?
Relapse or Continue as it is?

@JonSnow001 plz tell
it happened to me today.
I’m on 17 day streak. I have no urges right now but slight pain in balls.
What can I do?

It all happened due to natural scene in Webseries. I don’t name the series here ,But in that webseries I have not expected the scenes which aroused me :pensive:

You cannot leave pmo if you cannot change your values ( that is, watching or loving porn) . So to leave masturbation you have to leave edging as well.

With heavy physical activities that take a lot of energy. Running, lifting etc.
Or maybe also mental activities. By being busy and productive and using your energy at the right place.
That’s the reason of nofap, you save your energy that’s going to be wasted and you utilize it for a better purpose

And how to get sexually pleasure then? I dont have any problem with porn. Last time watched it in september 2020.

Better consider it as peeking then

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Yeah I considered it as peeking and Reduced me point in no Peeking Challenge. Further due to high urges I peeked some images … So it is peeking…

The point of nofap (in monk mode at least) is to abstain from immediate pleasures and enhance mental endurance. One must be able to abstain from immediate happiness to accomplish bigger things in life.

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It was all actually worth it in the ancient times when things weren’t readily available. People had to struggle, run as much as they can, hunt for survival and much more. We don’t need to do this in today’s world, but the brains are still the same. Hence the cheat works.

Yes. You are right. To be honest, I always relapsed when I edged sooner or later, unfortunately and it seems like I didnt learn anything from my past mistakes. Sometimes I wish I was asexual… I always used masturbation as a cope for my so called life. But it was a mistake…
I have just 13 days in my current steak :frowning:

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Everywhere around us is hypersexualized world… What can we do … 🤦


Because world is so fucked up nowadays. I was such an innocent teen till 15 when some idiots highschool mates told me about masturbation and porn.

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Everyone went through this same story.

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Unfortunately. I wish I never discovered those shits. It fucked me up so bad.

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