What are the side effects of no fap?

I have seen people saying that excessive no fap causes hair loss … is it true ?


Yes it is bro
And by overcoming this addiction u can reduce hair fall


First fap like animal daily multiple times for 3 months… And then go for 3 month nofap with full dedication… After that I hope you will get your answer


He said excessive no fap :rofl::rofl: causes hairloss. You read it wrongly


From where are you listening such things dude. Rather your hair will grow better if you are serious with no fap.
There are ZERO side effects of no fap, all benefits.



After 2 days:

Urges begin :flushed:: Most of us can fight these urges if we have strong reasons and know what is going to happen in the upcoming days.

After 4 days:

Sick :sneezing_face:: some of you may feel sick.
Sleep deprivation :sleeping_bed:: you start getting less than the needed amount of sleep.

After 5 days:

Confident :sunglasses:: you will become more confident in your life.

Interest in girls :raising_hand_woman:: you start noticing the girls more than before.

After 7 days:

Mental :exploding_head::brain:and physical :man_climbing:t2: energy :man_running:: Finally, your mental and physical energy will start to return.

After 8 days:

Life :seedling::rose:: you will start to enjoy little things in life.

Productivity :top:: your productivity will skyrocket.

After 10 days:

Anxiety :sun_with_face:: Anxiety is reduced

After 15 days:

Skin :hugs:: Your skin condition will start to improve. The surface of your face will become clearer and your hair fall will reduce if you have any.

After 16 days:

Emotions :heart_eyes::rage::scream::sob::crazy_face:: your emotions will numb.

Muscles :muscle:: your muscles will grow weaker.

After 17 days:

No morning wood :sleeping_bed:: Finally :man_cartwheeling:

Frustration :relaxed:: you will be frustrated more often.

After 20 days:

Less sleep :disappointed: :sleeping_bed:: you won’t get enough sleep even though you are tired most of the time doing nothing.

Avoid social interactions :house_with_garden:: want to be alone most of the time.

Can not concentrate :roll_eyes: :triumph:: your mind will be foggy and split in half.

After 25 days:

Work :writing_hand:: your passion for work will return.

Learning :closed_book:: better cognitive functions.

After 26 days:

Respect :handshake:: respect for other people will grow.

After 1.5 Months:

Feel energetic :man_playing_handball:: your concentration power will begin to recover and the brain :brain: will start to lift.

After 2 Months:

Higher productivity :top:: you will start to use that brain of yours more than ever in your whole, entire life.

After 2.5 Months:

People will start to notice you :man_dancing:: not only girls.

After 2.8 Months:

Relationships :fist_right: :fist_left:: you will start to have a satisfying relationship with your wife ( if you have one ).

After 3 Months:

Increase anger :rage:: your anger will be unleashed.

Goals :man_climbing:t2:: clear vision about goals.

Your voice :speaking_head: will start to change: your voice will become manlier.

After 1 year: :fire:

Porn DISGUSTS me!!!


There is a circulation in internet that there are many side effs of no fap. But in fact, there is side effs of fapping. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I have seen benefits of nofap in one day. Yesterday I slept on time, today I am feeling fresh. Yesterday I even did not fap.


In my opinion, fapping or not fapping, the benefits/side effects you experience is mostly placebo.

You have to just make a decision that you are in clutches of a bad habit, and you want your control back.

Just keep this in mind. Don’t give an “f” about any side effects because all of that’s mostly made up by your mind, yes there are hormonal changes in your body, but there have always been, you have always grown and changed due to hormones, so let them do their job, they are involuntary for a reason.

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No it does not. Biggest reason is genetics. Bad diet and hard water can also cause hair loss. I cannot attest for nofap increasing hair growth because I haven’t personally experienced it or read any study regarding it. But a good diet, and good and consistent hair care routine will definitely help with hair growth


What are the side effect of not eating junk food?


I was waiting for this :joy::joy:


Remember ! Fapping Habit is a side effect of laziness.


Excessive Fapping causes Hair Loss brother. And i have seen live examples instead of reports by money hungry S*xologists… Jusyt practice No Fap yourself and you will get the answer.

Side Effects of No Fap are-

  1. Respect for females increase

  2. You become a human from a lusty animal

  3. Increase in confidence and motivation

  4. You get to know that there are 0 real benefits of Fapping to Pixels


From my personal experience the only problem associated with no fap is that you will face flatline in which you will feel low energy both physically and mentally.

Then you may experience brain fog in which you cant think clearly and you may feel cold for a few days

But these side effects happened because you started fapping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


F*ck those people (not literally)

there is no such thing occuring DUE TO NOFAP , I had bad looking hair when I fapped , which I kinda still have ngl :sweat_smile: . But at that time , I had very sticky , weak and frequently loosing hair but now they are stronger and shiny :slightly_smiling_face:


Not only hairloss, but also teeth decay that I am facing. One year ago I had good teeth. Throughout the year I did excessive fap and which caused tooth decay.

Seminal fluid contains many nutrients that are good for our bone and tooth.


Flatline is like withdrawl symptoms which happens in every de addiction journey be it smoking or drinking etc.


There are 100 other demerits bro… I can write a book if i sit down for that. Was just pointing his question that he might read it wrong😂. Excessive fap ki jagah Excessive No Fao padh liya


I agree I just mentioned some drawbacks as the topic creator was too curious about side effects of No fap :joy:


It is one of demerits I am facing. Tooth decay. Other symptom of too much fapping is popping sounds when I move my hands while I have pain. Before fapping habit, I never had that.

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