What are some good things to read?

Hi. I’ve come 2 weeks with NoFap and it’s going good. I just wish to read more stuff about it.
So if anyone knows some good article, book, etc. then please write it down.


I will recommend this 5 books to read
1. Your brain on porn by Gary Wilson
2. The Porn Pandemic by Andrew Ferebee
3. Treating Pornography addiction by Kevin Skinner.
4. Easypeasy way to quit porn
5. 98 ways to stop masturbating by Marc Summers


Great! Thanks for recommending.:v:

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Read Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life books. 2 of them, 24 rules in all. Will greatly improve your life.


Actually I did made an thread on this topic sadly it’s locked rn but did contained good reads here the link

Also I’ve been reading hyperfocus yoi might wanna give it an try


Thanks, buddy! Surely gonna read this one.:v:

Hey thanks, I’ll visit your thread.:v:

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