The 'readers':a place for books recommendations and experiences.🙂

Hi guys… Hope all of you have been doing good on nofap
I wanted to start a place where we could recommend books to each other since a wise man once said "that books are a man’s best friend“. So this year I started reading too and you know what these days i read around 20-30 pages daily. I know that’s not much but still i am increasing my reading day by day. So this place is full of books. You could recommend self help and fictional books too except erotica(:roll_eyes:)
Not everyone is destined to be a writer, but in my opinion, everyone is born a reader
Lets destroy porn and get over this addiction :smile: :smile:


Anyone wanna recommend any self help books?
I’ve already read
The alchemist
Power of your subconscious mind
Your brain on porn
The subtle art of not giving a f*ck
Discover your destiny


Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual
Tomassi Rollo - The Rational Male
The Way of Men
The Daily Stoic
Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

And you can find more books from here ->

Gather information from my post quickly. My account will be terminated soon. Hope it helps. They are pretty expensive books. I am offering them for free. I love my people who are tying to heal from this disgusting addition.


Bro, the most important book that you should read is Rich Dad Poor Dad…it’s highly recommended if you don’t wanna ruin your life…


Yes bro its in my list… Will read it definitely


And also remember that if you’re reading a book which everyone is reading, you are thinking like as everyone is thinking… But still Rich Dad Poor Dad is recommended… Must read


Woah bro thanks for the recommendation will try to read all of them🙂


Fiction books are good too, but I stay away from most, becuase if it’s a series you’ll get into the habit of just reading and it’ll affect your other activities. Classics are good though
G. A Henty is a good historical fiction author. His books are good.

Self help: Read the book Unfair advantage and the Happiness advantage, those are two good ones, besides others


What is the theme of those 2 books?


Yes bro. I agree. After reading the 1st chapter, it completely changed the wrong belief I had about money

Thanks @Prox for creating this topic.


Self improvement and productivity brother


Yeah, really stopped reading fiction, it just comes across as waste of time to me, and i keep reading, dropping everything else till i finish an entire fucking series! Non fiction books come across as real boring and hard work to finish, but they are better worth our while and more rewarding.
Books I’ve finished recently

  1. “Why Men Don’t listen and Women can’t read maps”-Barbara and Allen Pease.
    It explores the difference between guys and girls. what makes us so different, why is it so hard for us to understand girls, why do we behave the way we do etc.
  2. “A mind for numbers”- Barbara Oakley. it’s a super awesome book for students for how to learn math and science. If you’re having trouble with studying, this book will help you a lot. It

I’ll start “Your brain on porn” today.


Bros yall must read 12 rules for life by Jordan peterson. It is a must fucking read. It’s a life changing book that will surely help y’all. Ok peace out. I have the document and I would share it here but idk if I can share pdfs here. But it is available online to download. Ok peace out for real now


I’m literally writing every single one of these books right now and adding them to my to-read-list! This is good stuff! I’ve never had these many book recommendations in a single day lol. Keep 'em coming boys!


Thanks bro… Will read those books and try to read fiction less​:slightly_smiling_face::smile: btw i like classics too i’ve read to kill a mockingbird… This book really tells you about the innocence and happiness you come across in childhood. I even like sad books like fault in our stars.


You’re Welcome brother


Same here bro same here​:joy::joy::joy:


My top 10 books are:

  1. “The 48 Laws Of Power” - Robert Greene.
  2. “The Art Of War” - Sun Tzu.
  3. “Tao Te Ching” - Lao Tzu.
  4. “Meditations” - Marcus Aurelius.
  5. “The Fall” - Albert Camus.
  6. “12 Rules For Life” - Jordan Peterson.
  7. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F” - Mark Manson.
  8. “Heart of a Dog” - Mikhail Bulgakov.
  9. “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” - Mikhail Bulgakov.
  10. “The Joyful Wisdom” - Friedrich Nietzsche.

Added in the list bro :smile::smile: @dynamo5j


There’s another book which is incredibly relevant to our journey : “Failing Forward” by John Maxwell. This THE book for failure. It literally teaches us how to fail in life, to approach failure, to change our perception of it. It’s a MUST read for every single fapstronaut as it guides us in the best possible way to deal with the unfortunate and unlikely event of a relapse. If you do relapse (again,may that never happen, all of us are strong AF) IF, it happens for some reason, THIS is the book to read.