What are cold showers for?

I would like to know what are cold showers for?

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There was a discussion regarding the profits of cold showers, it provides some helpful information and points of view on the matter :slight_smile:

Don’t take cold showers everyday let your body get used to it bro like twice a month or when you are “stressed” and even then you must make sure that you take hot shower and then slowly go to cold

Cold showers can or sometimes will remove any urges that u are experiencing .

We have two types ov nervous sistem, simpathetic and parasimpathetic. The simpathetic has the task to control our body in alert, when we have to run (for example). And the parasimpathetic has the task to control our body when we are relaxed.
The parasimpathetic nervous sistem has an important fap in the terms of nofap, the erection. Yes, if we aren’t relaxed, we dont have an erection.
Cold showers just shock you if you are not used to it. Shock makes your body become in alert. When we are in alert, our simpathetic nervous sistem controls us, so we cant have an erection.
But if you are used to cold showers, then there is no shock. The good in cold showers is not the cold water. Is the shock it produces. And the most people shock with cold water.
But there are other ways to activate or shock the organism, and stop the erection, like doing sport.
So find your best way to stop your erection.