Cold showers discussion

Hey everyone, I’m having trouble with the whole cold shower thing. Does anyone have any tips for them or do I just have to get used to it?


you can get used to it. after a week or two it won’t be that cold anymore.
but if you ask me, i don’t understand the hype about the cold shower. i personally just get annoyed by it since i love taking a shower and this is the moment of the day where i have time to relax.
but other people will tell a different story

Hello my man Dustycloud,

I personally have been doing coldest shower since 2010 on and off. So I can help you with tips.

It’s actually quite easy.
You have to start with hot and then finish showering with a little colder.

Then all you have to do is gradually start with a little colder and finish with even more colder.

You will be hitting(starting and finishing) with coldest shower in about one month with no pain :slight_smile:

Good luck. Tell us your progress :wink:

Well, in my opinion some people don’t get the true purpose of cold showers. They follow the hype because they saw a video or a post of someone boasting what It did to them.
It doesn’t have to be easy in the beginning. This is the whole reason for taking them. It’s a matter of discipline. Stand in the shower and imagine what you are going to do. Its quite similar to having to do something you don’t like, something which takes willpower to start, something you are afraid of. Something you procrastinate for days.
Then just turn it on, take the shower, endure the pain for a mere few minutes, showering won’t take that long.
Then dry yourselves. Get comfortable clothes. It’s over in ten minutes. And afterwards you will think : hey, it was horrible, yes, but I had the strength to endure it.
If you do this for a few days, you will teach your mind that a little pain, a small hindrance, won’t stop you from doing what you really want.
Of course for some this works, and for others it won’t. Just find it out and try it a few days!


Actually in our country especially Tamil Nadu it’s parts if our system…we have woke up in 4 am and have to take bath .

I like cold showers. That is where my nickname is from. Of course, it is not always too fun to start, but after a moment I notice how refreshing they are and how they improve self-control.

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Neither do I.

But I think the hype plays a role here. Because of the buzz, I heard of it and tried myself… well, after some time of adaptation, I can say I truly enjoy it. Similar to what @anon95821051 said, it pumps me up to tackle the tasks and etc.

And like @neveragaintw said, warm shower is also a good option for the days you wanna relax. Have both tools on your belt, use them wisely :wink:


I am also taking cold showers for about two weeks now and I notice a few benefits. For Example one time I was very nervous and almost panicing about a party. Then I took a hell of a cold shower and after that I was much calmer. I dont think the same would’ve happenend with a hot shower. It wakes me up, my skin feels much better less dry and itchy and I feel more alive when I do it. I almost end up every time laughing because its kind of a funny challenge. I think it helps against Depression maybe even anxiety because in the first few seconds its stressful but then becomes easier.


Cold shower makes you feel more fresh.Try it