Vortexkickers Thanksgiving Challenge Entries closed

This challenge will begin on November 11th or Veterans Day and it will will go for 15 days meaning it ends the day after Thanksgiving.

4 categories

    1. Alpha Turkey
    2. Master Turkey
    3. Wild Turkey
    4. Cooked Turkey.

There will be ratings based upon a points system.

Alpha Turkey: you last 11 to 15 days
Master Turkey: you last 6 to 10 days
Wild Turkey: you last 0 to 5 days
Cooked Turkeys: Anything less than 0.

You become a Cooked Turkey by relapsing. Relapses are not encouraged, but you are no eliminated if you Relapse.

Relapses on the point system:

 1. Days 0 to 5 each relapse counts as 1 point against you.
 2. Days 6 to 10: each relapse counts as 2 points against you.
 3. Days 11 to 15: each relapse counts as 4 points against you.

Everyone participates until Thanksgiving. All Cooked Turkeys will be eliminated and the rest will continue it out for the last day.


I’m in!!
S.C. fv39jh
Going cold turkey yeah!!!

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Add me in brother
1dm46a my code

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@ChristianMan and @piyushchandak

Welcome to my challenge. You 2 are in.



I’m in 2.
Sharing code - yuezka

I’ll do it.
20 characters

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@Purity11 and @anon3047577 you 2 are in.

We have 4 contestants so far.

Whose next?


I’m in
My code:rj41ie

@Kuba521, welcome. You are in.

5 competitors now.

I’m in too my sharing code

@ASH1267, welcome to my challenge.

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6 contestants now to start November 11th.

Who else wants to join?

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For those in it so far, here is the breakdown of how it will look:
Name Score Category
@Purity11 0. Wild

@piyushchandak 0. Wild

@ASH1267 0. Wild

@ChristianMan 0. Wild

@anon3047577 0. Wild

@Kuba521 0. Wild

It’s not displaying like I want.

Basically your name, your score, and your category.


@Vortexkicker Copy and paste this

Name Score Category
Vortexkicker 0 Wild

How did you do that?

That’s a good display.

Ok for this demonstration /=| got it?

Hope everyone is doing well.

10 days to go before the challenge begins.

/ 8 days before the challenge begins.

/ Name / Score / Category

Can I join?

Sharing code: tznopk

You may. Welcome @Ryanthelion. You are in.