Vortexkickers Thanksgiving Challenge Entries closed

Alright everyone today this challenge began.

Happy veterans day.

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I hate to say this, 3 relapses today…

Hey @ChristianMan, sorry to hear that man.

Luckily it’s only the first day of the challenge.

You are at negative 3, but remember each day you pass without a relapse is plus 1.

And that goes for all.

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I just relapsed. So far everyone except me and Christian Man are above zero.

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November 11 stats

Cooked Turkeys
@Kuba521. Negative 1
@ChristianMan Negative 3
@Vortexkicker. Negative 1

Wild Turkeys
@ASH1267. Plus 1
@Ryanthelion Plus 1
@anon3047577. Plus 1
@piyushchandak. Plus 1

Let me know if you relapsed.

Remember November 11 through 15 relapses are 1 point each

November 16 through 20 relapses are 2 points each.

November 21 to 25 relapses are 4 points each.


I relapses 4 times yesterday so it’s -4

Guys I have a really strange confession that I would like to hear your opinion on. It is also important depending on whether or not it counts as a relapse. I was struggling with urges to masturbate earlier today, and my curiosity ended up getting the better of me. I found myself sticking stuff up my butt to see what it would feel like. I had no sexual intentions and I had never done it before. (I am not gay either btw) But after doing it, I was really depressed and conflicted as to whether or not it counted as a relapse. It didnt even feel good, but for some reason I couldnt control the urge to do it again a few hours later. I feel badly about it, so I would like to know what you think. I almost feel guilty not counting it as a relapse, but at the same time I dont want to count it as a relapse because I would be equally as sad having to go back to day 0. I did not orgasm or anything, but I did probably get a rush of dopamine from the stimulation of playing with myself.

Oh damn :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I just came across this thread today and this made me laugh so hard.


I think that is a relapse… Sorry, man. :disappointed:

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No worries, I have learned from this and I will do better this time hopefully. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree that it is probably a relapse


November 14 stats if I’m off let me know.

Cooked Turkeys

Vortexkicker at negative 1
ChristianMan at negative 2

Wild Turkeys

Kuba at 0
Dark Violin at 2
@ASH1267 at 4
@piyushchandak at 4

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Nope. I’m at 0 now.
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Relapsed 3 times today…

Why are you relapsing so much?


Since the first 5 days ended yesterday,

I will show yesterday’s data and the changes to today’s data.

Each relapse is 2 points against your scores now.

November 15th - To my knowledge

Vortexkicker (0)
@ChristianMan (-1)
@Kuba521 (1)
@anon3047577 (0 on 14th, 1 on 15th)
@ASH1267 (5)
@piyushchandak (5)

November 16th - To my knowledge

Cooked Turkeys
@ChristianMan (-7)

@Kuba521 (-1)

Wild Turkeys
Vortexkicker (1)
@anon3047577 (2)

Master Turkey
@ASH1267 (6)
@piyushchandak (6)

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I’m sorry I noticed I gave been forgetting you.

Could you update me on your first 5 days.

I’m sorry brother.

It’s all good! I dont know how long this challenge has been going but Ive relapsed twice since it began. Do 5 days - 2 relapses. I should have 3 points I believe.

November 17th updates

Cooked Turkeys

@ChristianMan (-6)
@Kuba521 (-3)

Wild Turkeys

Vortexkicker (2)
@anon3047577 (3)
@Ryanthelion (3)
@piyushchandak (4)

Master Turkey
@ASH1267 (7)

Don’t forget 2 points per relapse.

And starting on the 21st, 4 points per relapse.

Let’s stay strong together and avoid these losses.

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November 19th updates

Cooked Turkeys
@ChristianMan (-7)
@Kuba521 (-4)

Wild Turkeys
Vortexkicker (1)
@piyushchandak (3)
@anon3047577 (5)
@Ryanthelion (3)

Master Turkeys
@ASH1267 (9)


I have -2 points since a relapse on the 17th. So Im at 3 I think.

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