Vardan's diary [22 y.o.]

I’m here because I want to feel normal, live with full love and experience the life with it’s all opportunities.
I’m 22 years old student from sunny Armenia. I like playing a pc game. I study math and programming. I’m a complete virgin. My first aim is to experience love for the very first time in my life.
Also I’m here to support everyone in this journey.
A little more than a day has passed since my last relapse. Can’t tell about the highest streak, because I wasn’t counting at all, but I feel strong addiction.
May the universe give you the strength to win!


Hey @Vardan51878
I hope that you will gain this … fight for yourself not for anyone or anything … just yourself …

We are here waiting for you … of course … :wink::muscle:

I can’t insist that the universe know your suffer but we are here and the people who speak about benefits of no fap will be with your side …
Btw I’m a girl , because I don’t want that you tell anything like I’m a man but I’m not …
So stay _apreciated_each_breath_day :wink::muscle:


Welcome on board!

22 years-old it’s a wonderful age to give a new dimension to your life. We’re with you.


Wow… I didn’t know a woman can be addicted to pornography. How old are you?


2 days clear. I wanted to relapse yesterday. I felt strong urges. But I knew I have to fight. Every urge I destroy is a level up for my brain. I’m taking actions to get busy. I started my first book. And also first hardware engineering courses. Let’s kill it.


Here I am 27 years old @Vardan51878 , stay_learning_strong .

I like this spirit , go on .


Hello everybody breathing today. What a wonderful day today. It’s sunny then it’s rainy…
My mood has been changing a lot. And a minute ago I was very sad. You know the sadness that comes because of the addiction, don’t you? It’s day 3 for me being clear. And do you know what I think now? Thanks God for being in this world for all it’s ups, downs, and swings.
For those who are on higher streaks and feel down… It’s fucking temporary. It will pass. Keep fighting!

you are just 22… you have enough time to enhance your semen(ojas). Just be careful that if you suppress more yourself, you will be burst out to daily masturbation. So, try to just don’t think of any kind of urges. You think it to quit it or to do…JUST DON"T THINK!!! Nothing.

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I feel lonely. Sometimes I meet my friend and we talk a little, but mostly and right now I feel alone. This is a bad feeling, I don’t want to feel it. My parents don’t like it when I leave home. But even when I leave, doesn’t always mean I feel free. I want to love and to be loved. I want to experience something beautiful. But now a lot is colorless.

I want to understand. Why do we need to be loved and need it so much? Is it really that important? Like, I can’t wait to experience some physical touches with a real girl? Why should I want to touch a person?

Day 4. I don’t have much interesting things to do today. Any suggestions?

Explore manifestation

It’s natural. If u r a human or living being you will definitely want to touch a girl (with respect) Find your soulmate.
why do we need to be loved?

  • There are two kind of persons. One who wants love and one who gives love. I suggest you to BE THE LOVE
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And get exhausted
Exercise is the best therapy

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Day 5 is heading to it’s end. Maybe for the first time I feel some huge temptation to watch p. It’s and old habit and it wants to show itself. I need to stay clear whatever…

I want to share a short story from my past.
At the first grade of school I fell in love with a cute classmate girl. We were just 7 years old so, nothing to tell about attraction to each other. I loved her till 8th grade, when she left the school, but did nothing about that.
3 years ago I randomly met her at the bus. I knew nothing about nofap, but I remember that I didn’t pmo more than a month.
And the moment I saw she was staring at me whole road, and even left the bus to walk a little with me till the university made me so calm inside. All the regrets I told nothing her back there in the school vanished in a moment.
Only after a year I researched about nofap. Now I see it’s worth it. Good luck!

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I relapsed reaching exactly 7 days. What happened, happened. Let’s go on.

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I want to know one thing about the chaser effect. Is there a person, who survived chaser effect? What do you feel after? Also I wonder if anybody’s reading my diary.

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what? chaser?? who are chasing man??? who are being chased???

I came back to day 7 again. So it’s higher than last time. Highest ever. And will grow more!

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