Unwanted thoughts

Hi everyone I wanted to ask if any of you deal with unwanted thoughts or fixations on certain things or people after masterbation for so long.

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Because we think more than more about last life

Our mind auto find thought

What do you mean? Thanks for replying

Do you mean after so long of having an addiction or so long after quitting?

Because to respond to the first one, yes. All the time. That’s most of my fight. Sometimes it is triggered by something, other times the thoughts come out of nowhere. So, I am working on being better at controlling my thoughts.

I have discussed about thoughts in this topic.

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I mean like I have had an addiction to porn for a while and now I’m having unwanted thoughts

Yes bro I had them and I suffered alot because I was not aware of anything like this app…,
It can cause anxiety ,thinking (horny)while speaking or talking .about filthy thoughts your mind knows no limit and you cannot control it …and it gets frustrating.
So brother my suggestion is to stop pmo immediately …most importantly porn beacuse it is the main reason for every wrong thought…and also just stop imagening sexual thoughts.
It will help

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Only one option stop unwanted thoughts

Your thoughts come because you think more about on same thinks

Try to think about your gole and follow PMO

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Yes I do. The way through is to be engaged in important stuff. Being busy basically. So you don’t give a shit about these small matters.

Our thought make our emotion

Full day doling good type work
Block all erotic content

Then your thought change