Resurrection... 🔥

What is Resurrection ?
One birth we get from our parents… one birth we give to ourselves. This is Resurrection. In science terms … Rewiring… Reboot.


Is this possible ! How ?
We have the tools, knowledge … Lets unfold …

1. Kill Switch

Whenever lower quality thoughts arise … switch them with powerful thoughts.

What are lower quality thoughts ?
Thoughts like i am a loser… i cant do this… i hate my self… they are reason for my demise … etc… basicaly negative & self damaging thoughts… which have no use … other than corrupting us and making us devils.

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Powerful Thoughts …
Thoughts which can change our life… which can make our today happy & content… which can bring hope for good future… all comes in this.
Example : i love myself … i can change myself for good. … i can do hard work… i can do pushups … i have to better my life etc.

Using Kill Switch

Example : sexual thoughts arises … we have to immediately acknowledge this thought first… then say like… these thoughts have always worsen my life … lets switch these with powerful thoughts which will make my life better. And you give yourself good positive thoughts.

It is proved by science that a person has thousands of thoughts throughout the day. Behind an action there is a thought. The lesser the thoughts the clear & focused you feel. The more are the thoughts … you feel confused… foggy … irritated… anxious.
In case of a addicted person … thoughts arise from unconcious mind. Often we say it happened automaticaly even though we had other plans.

We have the power to create our thoughts. By creating positive thoughts we can change our actions & reactions. Hence, our first weapon is forged and ready to use.

2. Powerful Actions

Time for real battle. Lets craft our 2nd weapon.
Friends, In addiction a person becomes a slave. Slave to his own body & mind. To get back our throne … a great hard work is required… you dont get anything just by sitting … you have to work for it. Get Ready for great hard work.

Using our 2nd weapon

Working on our physical body. Getting the control back.
The right time to strike is when you have the most energy… you have less thoughts… you are fresh… that is when you wake up after the sleep…
So in morning … Sit for Meditation.
What is Meditation ?
Sitting quietly without moving our body.
Body & mind will try to run from here & there. Just observe the anxiety and with determination … just sit at one place quietly.
Start from 5 minutes meditation. Slowly … slowly increase the time to 1 hour.
Benefits of Meditation :
Control over Body.
Clear Thoughts. Better Focus.
Peace & Bliss.

Then after meditation Do Pranayam.
It depands on you… and your power… start by just one task… in the first week … or take multiple tasks… your choice… but do it daily and regularly. We are replacing habit of masturbation with good habits… here.
What is pranayam ?
Breathing Excercises.
There are 3 basic breathing excercises :
Bhastrika pranyam
Inhale & exhale of air into your body. You can inhale deeply or fastly … its on your choice… main thing is continue this for a period of time. Start with 2 minutes… or 5 minutes session.
Kapalbhati pranayam
Exhale your breaths outside with quick mild force… focus only on exhaling out.
Anolom vilom pranayam
Close one nostril with fingers of hand and inhale from other… then switching the fingers … exhaling from the closed one… and repeating vice versa.

Great excercise for cardio realted health.
You can do Hiit home workout if you feel social anxiety.

Great for upper body strength.

You can perform some excercises in evening. Similarly you can add from your side … your tasks… your choice… the main principle is to tame the body … to replace the bad habits with good ones… to rewire.

Benefits : Strong & Powerful Body.

At night for 100 days Every Member will report here.
For example :
Day 1
Meditation :white_check_mark:
Affirmations :white_check_mark:
When many members comment …it motivates each member.
Only Report about the task that are done. Dont mention the tasks that are not done. The Reason is to enjoy the present moment by removing wasteful thoughts. Yes… we will improve our list daily.

This is a 100 days course.
Our Motto is

Our main focus is on creating ourself by positive thoughts & actions.
We will keep going whether there is flatline … or there is no motivation… because we are the Creators.
We create ourself.
We no longer blame situations & people for our downfall.
Its time to take the control of our life into our hands.

Lets create ourselves
Creation is Godliness


From Weakness To Godliness

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God Like (1000+) :rose:


The All mighty powerful Soul ( 900 + ) :earth_africa:


Master (800+)


Best Version of self (700) :shield:




Conqueror (600) :crown:


Legend ( 500 +)


One Man Army (400+) :crossed_swords:

:crossed_swords: BruceLee :india: 628z28 《 Days 492

Alpha Male (300+) :weight_lifting_man:

:weight_lifting_man: Rpjhala :india: 4fcb57 《 Days 372

Role Model (250+) :superhero:


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Powerful (200+) :fire:


SuperSmart (150+) :medal_sports:



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Embrace Yourself (30-50)

:hammer:_TIGER :india: uv0i08 《 Days 43
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Fighters (0-10) :scream:

:scream: Rowdy_Nik || nlyxyt || Days 3
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:scream: Karmayogi :india: thxmdu << Days 0

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Welcome to Reboot Club bro.
Post every single day here. You just have to post about your feelings on every day.
When did you do that 95 days streak.
I am interested to hear your story.




Today i masturbated 3 times in a row after a 15 days streak. Pity ! What a waste of energy.

First 2 orgasms i enjoyed but the 3rd one. It was a forced. I had to look for a dozen of videos to do that. First i searched the youtube. Then i gone to porn sites. i hate masturbation and orgasm i am done with it.

Over the past 12 years all i have done is jerking off. What a waste of energy. I have understood one thing that 《 As long as their is this juice in your body all world looks great. Today after 2nd orgasm the world looks ugly to me as hell. Even porn couldnt be enjoyed anymore. It tells me again that {{ The pleasure we seek is just opposite of where we are looking, The longer we keep ourself away from orgasm the better it gets , benefits superpowers all will come to us I BELIEVE }}


Guys plz share your day 0. We all have to draw strength from our experiences.


Highest streak 43 days
Current streak 38 days
Sharing code e010ea

Let’s fight the battle together


Rohit :india:
Highest score-40 days
Current score - 0


Male :uk:
Highest : 19 Days
Current : 5 Days
Joined : 2 months ago

Got my best streak by avoiding thoughts/emotions, but making the religious decision to stop.
No ifs, No buts, and No arguments.

Also quit smoking weed.

I added NoSmoking tobacco to counter,
fell a few times, got to about a week, and then got into ifs/buts/arguments, and then started to fall i.e, pmo.

Don’t get too emotional. Don’t argue with self?
Smile and laugh more often.
Use energy on productive things - not “NoPMO”

Day 6
Lots of things I could say, but giving them up.
Back to work, Back to spending my energy on worthy things :smile::pray:


…have u take nofap seriously…?

Bro I can’t believe anymore … After relaps tum kah bhag jaye ho aur yeh competition ruined ho jata hai …agar tum competition start karte ho toh isko PURA karna tumhara farz hai …Bhaii isse Baar competition chod ke mat bhagna chae tum relapse ho jao ya nahi … isse PURA karana hai so that hum motivate rahe …


I added you bro pleas add me:vtjl7n
May this journey be full of hope and
Success to all of us


What do you mean by seriously ?
Are you metaphoricaly asking or what ?
Nofap is my life now.
Jab Tak Thodegay nahi chodegay nahi
Means I will not stop until i become a successful nofapper


Bas muh dekhane ke layak nahi tha.
Tere ko kaha tha ki agar fail hua to bat nahi karunga.
Isliye app delete kar diya tha.

I have become a joke. I cant keep my promises. But i will try my best to run this group until 90 days are broken.

Anyway, How is nofap journey going for you ?


Yes , we will win at the end.
Write your everyday log here. Share your thoughts often.

my carrent streak 157 days
can i join :slightly_smiling_face:


You are a legend bro.
You were on day 0 when you came here.
Look at you.
A fucking streak of 157 days.

Share some Tips for the poor souls.
Bhai meri streak first month se upar nahi jata kabhi bhi ?
Help kar de thodi si .


Bro I made 40 days streak but I failed once again …now I am on day 3

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40 din ke baad fail kaise hua…


Wo hi bahut din ho Gaye porn dekhe hue favourite pornstar ki toh dekh leta hu new konsi aai hai …isse chakar mein barbad ho gya bhai …aur har baar relapsed hone ka yehi reason hai …khud Ko rok nahi pata hu …


Main masturbation ko pichhle 5-6 saal se chhodne ki kosis kar rha tha par 2 mahine se aage hi nhi ja pata.
( sayd isliye kyoki main nofap ke bare mein janta hi nahi tha)

par yahan aane ke baad maine Nofap ke bare mein suna aur samjha to bahut kuchh samjh mein aaya

  • Nofap
  • Semen Retention & Increased Attraction
  • Sexual energy transmutation etc.

Nofap aur Semen Retention ki jankari hone ke baad agar mein us knowledge ko use na karun to us knowledge ka kya fayda

Main August 2017 se maditation karta aa rha hoon (but not daily)par main daily karne ki kosis main hoon

Bhai main kya help kar sakta hoon Aap to mujhse jyada jante ho Nofap ko

  • jab bhi urge/encrypt thought mere dimag mein aane ki kosis krta hai to main use ignore kar deta hoon aur apna dyan kahin aur laga leta hoon
    dhire dhire ye meri aadat ban gayi

kabhi kabhi to mujhe lagta hai jaise main koi Mind game khel rha hoon