Unproductiveness-- The way to relapse and destruction

Relapsed just an hour ago, realized a thing
Take me as an example.
A few days ago i was on a solid 26 days streak. I was working my ass off and trying my best for being productive. I was focused on my work. And everyday i didnt had to remind myself to do the works. But suddenly one day, i thought i should take a rest and i took rest that day still worked some hour. That was the moment where i was getting fooled by my brain and i didnt even realize it… After that break i had hard times focusing on my work but i thought i will get back soon. No instead i ended up relapsing after a few days. I thought it wouldnt affect me much as it was my highest streak… But after that due to our festivals i became 0% productive which lead to my relapse again today.

So, i reccomend you all not to stay with an empty mind, keep doing some work. “Khali dimag saitaan ka ghar hota hai”

If you are productive, keepdoing your work And never think of taking break untill you are exhausted.

I broke many promises today, and im having hard times in believing if i can do it or not.

Peace out


Sorry to hear about that man. Hopefully you will get back on feet, start small and enjoy even small steps back to full focus and production.

Also I would add, if you lose motivation to do something, which is not necesary (side project, hobby project, etc), just do other things. Motivation will come back evenually, dont force it if you have some “replacement” and it is not necesary. Forced things are not that great as “go with the flow” :slight_smile:


Bro… I’m sorry to hear about your relapse. You learned a very valuable lesson. Now you are more equipped to fight the battle.
I wish you get out of the chaser effect soon and then start again on this road, this time more powerful and more alert than ever.
Power to you bro.


You are right. You just discovered that some people practice PMO because they have a life empty of rich activities and / or feel empty inside.


Yar 26 din ki streak kyu tod di yar.Mujhe to abhi utni banani h aur tum banakar ke chhod rhe ho kya vidambana h.Bro fir se start kro aur hobsake to mujhe apne companion me add bhi karna achha lagega
Mera sharing code h qt9keg.


We need keep our motivation levels up every single day in this battle with no PMO.