udaCisie's Journey to greatness

What you said it’s true. I have to consider yours words by myself.


He has given very valuable advices to you bro!
He has observed you really well


What’s the status now?
Have you read the book? Did you dispel the myths and brainwashing?
You thread, udacisie’s Journey to greatness. I want you to achieve that greatness.

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@zafermukeri I have been reading what you said few times. Whole, what you wrote. Last month i really did the pass time. I didnt have a plan of the day. I dont want what I want from life. I do all my fighting with willpower what wasn’t as strong as should be. All of you have seen by my streaks.

"Go and read Easypeasy way hackbook.


I treat it another way. Today I noticed that it was actually a book. (I’ll read it for sure)

Usually I know a lot becouse I read a lot but my problem is that I don’t implementing in my life what I actually know. So I get this words Ironicalluly like… "Go and read easy-peasy way hackbook "and do nothing with your life like you have been doing so far. (by the way I didnt notice that this is actually the tittle of the book haha).

I now what I want to focus in my life. I return to planing of each day in notebook. From last relapse I maintaining my streak. 3d 19h

“escape from porn is easy.dont make it so hard” - sometimes i overthinking everything and this was also true.

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Great. Just read that book and follow the instructions given exactly. You will remove almost all the brainwashing and it will be easy to break from the prison.

I will be asking you frequently about your greatness.
I won’t ask about your streak. Nope. You have already left PMO. Tell us more about your goals, your life, you steps to greatness.
That’s where you focus because you have already left PMO.
Remember, if you can leave it for a day, you can leave it for life. Simple.

Cheers for your freedom. I am already free though so no cheers for me :joy::joy:


@zafermukeri it’s great to get help from person who overcame this addiction. There is no possibility to be great at everything so I choose two domains what I want to Develop in my life.
First one is English language. Second one is to be each day better with women. This is all.

I including in my day plan things like learning english language 4h per day and approaching the women in the street every day. Also things like affirmation, and Wim Hof method to be more resistant to the cold.

Now I have to end the book that I currently read and then the next one will be that one what you recommended to me.

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