Thinking of her

What does is it mean when you continuously think about a particular person… ?
Why do i keep stalking that person…?
However i don’t use Facebook oe Instagram but i google the name…
Or search the person name on Linkedin…

Like every day and night…

Whether sad or happy…
The person is continuously in my head…

What is it ? Isn’t it weird ?
Yes i had feelings
I still feel for that person… Kindof mixed feelings…
and desperately want the person in my life

But…the person is no longer in my life…
and much happier…
Don’t want me…
Avoid calls
No reply

It was my birthday back in 2018
She called me crying that her dog died
and i went to her place furiously
As i reached she surprised me at her home
Cake, gifts, hugs and kisses things happened
“I never did this to anyone” the person said

I was shocked
Even no one did this to me…
I was freaked out actually…
Hugs…kisses wasn’t normal for me (i had known to her just for few months at that time)
Thought the person had same feelings for me

I don’t know what happened
How can a person who did this can forget my birthday the next year…
I actually felt that after that day
Something has changed…

Let it be…
I am just overthinking


Maybe that person lost interest in you and had another bf. Don’t think too much you will find yourself lonely and sad at the end.

Don’t think about these things a lot, i also can feel how you felt when this happened to you but no one have did this with me yet i can feel that happiness.

Don’t worry brother you will find another girl who will never forget you, who will love you from her soul and i am also waiting for that person.

Believe me after 2,3 or x years , when you will share these things with your future partner she will feel a bit jealous but you both will laugh a lot , you will laugh cause you acted like a moron by crying and thinking about that time and your future wife will thank the god , cause that girl left you and she married you.

So it’s a waste of energy and time for thinking about past , especially ex-love. Enjoy your life and the right person will find you soon.

And most importantly don’t live only for your future life , live for yourself, your parents and your friends. Always show gratitude for the things that you have right now.

Everything comes when the time comes.


Yes you are overthinking a lot. I have been there too. Believe if you make the mistake of ever contacting her anyhow,more repulsive she will be. She left you. That’s it. Accept this fact and move on. I know it’s bit easier to say than to implement.
Also don’t do the mistake of searching her name in facebook or anywhere,more you will search,more you will be attached to that person. Accept this. You will be happy. Initially everyone is super happy and thinks they r on cloud nine, when they fall in love. But all these road lead to one predefined destination which is what you call after math of break up,very harsh feeling,you feel earth has shattered under your feet.

It happens to everyone,so you are not alone. As you tend to grow up,you realise nobody will gonna love you forever without conditions,the only person who you will love unconditionally always is your mom :heart::heart: :relaxed:

Focus on your career now and love and respect your mom.

Girls will come when you are financially stable and have good position in society.

I wanna quote one thing " woman,dog,pets and children are loved unconditionally but men are loved based on what they can provide "
This is the true fact


She was not the love of your life. She was there to teach you something. Respect her and let her go.


I just have to say one thing to you.
If you think that the person wants you, then go ahead and be clear with her regarding that.

Do not let anyone do it to you like that. Basically she has used you for some “emotional intimacy”
I’m sure that everything she did to you felt good. But from my perspective it would feel worse when the person doesn’t give a damn about you. So better not go into it initially. When I was going through breakup, I felt so bad. Now I’m glad that we never even kissed.
I’m still “pure” in a sense. On top of that I actually learned about the downsides of a relationship. I’m so thankful for this experience.
I’m not even letting anyone come near me after this.
Don’t get me wrong, I’d absolutely love to have a girl’s attention. But I know one thing about myself that I just can’t digest superficial things. As I’ve made my progress in nofap, I’ve also become partly demisexual. Although I still have a big libido. But I need “feelings” and without that I will not give myself to anybody. Having a female friend is alright. Maybe at school or maybe at work. But crossing limits like that? It is not cool and in a way hypocritical (just flip the genders and see the situation).

Also, do not be an overly “nice guy” to someone. Especially to girls. Just treat them you’d treat your male companions. I know I sound sexist but women know that they are “desired”. They are more or less aware of the situation. They understand that they are the “prize”. Social media has made this a lot more obvious. They get creeps stalking them. While this is the dark side, however it also tells that men want them. And everyone would love that they are “desired”, that they are the prize. Imagine yourself in the situation, wouldn’t you like that? She simply used the situation and got the emotional support. After her needs were met she didn’t care about it at all.
Do not give women what they want, i.e. the attention. I’m not saying not to help them. Sure, as a human being we should help everyone. But do not be available to them 24*7. Respect them as you’d respect any stranger, but don’t “flatter” them. Don’t overdo things. Because if you give too much, you’ll be taken for granted.


Yes you are absolutely correct

But i don’t know
What did she want that day…

I just think about it everytime about what happened
I tried to ask her many times…
But she used to be silent on any part…

Even if we fought on a particular topic “about being us”
She used to avoid it…

She made me think everytime
She did many things to me

Like… Calling anytime no matter if its 3 am and say i love you to me
Cried when i put birthday status for my friend

I was like what the hell
If you don’t have feeling then what happened
It was just my friend

She gave no answer…

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If anyone were at my place at that time… (The day of my birthday)

Something would have happened…
'Cause the situation was something else at that time…
I cannot describe it here…

I didn’t do anything

I have the toughest exam coming this December
I have to prepare for that…

Just once in a while i just feel alone…
Like i am the only one on this planet…

I am also dealing with anxiety and depression
So it adds more

And no friends around me…

So i thought of sharing with you guys
And i knew you all will support

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I know dude
The “tension” got built up.
It was partly sexual tension, and partly sort of emotional one too.
But trust me on this, that if she doesn’t care about you the next time, more or less she has used you. She used you for attention, flattery and the care you provided. That’s why you need to build a stronger character. I’m not blaming you for this, in fact props to you for not doing the other things. You do have quite a strong character. However it is not enough. And you need to be even more stronger. Also this issue is a bit close to heart because this isn’t about “sex”, it is about “love” which is what we humans crave as one of the most fundamental things in life. And it hurts more. That’s why, be firm on the stance. If a woman wants you, and if she treats you like this. Force her to be clear on what she wants. Don’t let her play along. Just don’t. Don’t give her too much importance. And don’t put her on pedestal. And if she breaches your personal space while being in the gray area, push her away. Don’t play along with her games. Because you know from experience that it will hurt when she will leave after playing with you. So why let them play like that?


Time is the best master to you now
Learn new things better than thinking of her …
Bye bye because it’s a fact now …
She is gone and she makes hers now
It’s time to choose yourself .
Take care of yourself is the best important now .


You are right…

Even i asked her many times that what do you want…
When this “wishing my friend birthday” thing happened
She called
She cried
And when i forcefully asked her…
She hung up on me… Switched off her phone…

Next day she was like nothing had happened
Even i cried in front of her…

But nothing…

I think a lot of her only because of she lost her father at early age amd she was damn hardworking…
I respect her for that…

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I want to tell you that you are not alone. There are plenty of people on this forum who have been through this. There are also people who have grown beyond it (I’d like to include myself in those but unfortunately I’m not, but I’m in the process. Day by day I’m becoming like that)
It will be alright. Let her go. Just throw her away. She shouldn’t live in your brain rent free. Kick her out



I wish i could teach her a lesson too


I will focus on my self…

Thanks budd


Prioritize yourself. And move on. You are stronger than this. The only people who have truly loved you are your parents.

He’s right about that.

Remember the points if this happens next time. Don’t let them kiss or hug you. And don’t be a very nice guy to them. Help, but don’t simp.


I will be stronger…
I promise


Success is the best revenge. Time to unleash the best version of yourself


I meant that learn from that situation and move on. Go and talk to other girls who understands


Tbh i was also crying for my ex-crush (i wont go in detail, that’s a long story) , i was also crying for her a week ago but my brother @prothekter_aden said “the only person affected by this is you , you are crying for the person who don’t give a shit about you. And ask yourself a question WHO’S IN LOSS SHE OR YOU”