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For those having problems with semen retention

This video agrees with me.

Thanks for posting this.

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I did another PMO relapse. I am starting fresh. Time for the new man.


I am posting for my folloers here.

A new follower is looking at my story. Welcome @prince_king.


Oh I briefly remember seeing this post some days ago. I find it strange u caught this addiction as late as 29. U are an exceptional case. None the less u have a job, it might be easier for u to abstain from PMO.


Hello everyone watching.

Hello diary.

I was listening to comedy on the way home and heard the word “breed.” It triggered me and Once I got home within 15 minutes I relapsed to full PMO.

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Your sadness is welcomed and understandable here Vortext. Sending support your way. We got you! Maybe this is a good opportunity to try and practice forgiving and loving yourself!

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P free: 2 days

MO: just relapsed

Relapse had no ■■■■ involved


The fact that everyone here keeps encouraging each other to be better than our old self, is work appreciating. Keep up the good works guy.


Still struggling. Keep relapsing every 2 days.

PMO cravings make is impossible to conquer the addiction.

I don’t believe i will ever be free unless I get a girlfriend. I know a girlfriend isn’t needed to succeed, but I think a girlfriend is the only solution at this point.

PMO struggles are deep in my emotional state. I need an escape from this addiction. Will it ever end?

Here i go again.

Streak 1 day 13 hours completely PMO FREE.

At 2 days 13 hours now.


Back to zero. Up at 2 30 am. Relapsed at 4 am

How are you @Vortexkicker

Purity, my friend.

I’m 16 hours into my new streak.

I had a rough start to my day at work. But im glad thr day is over. Having dinner now and work tomorrow then get Saturday off, then work Sunday and get Monday off.

I am still struggling with this PMO issue.

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Sup mah G.

Damn, the schedule looks comfortable (won’t judge though) Even I got two days break finally.

We all are, don’t worry. You ain’t alone but you must keep fighting until you reach a level that satisfies you like a week or more. Then move forward for greater streaks.

Btw you can also participate in Friday challenge which is weekly held by Nerbo starting from Saturday and ends on Friday. Really good to start small streaks.

I will also participate from tomorrow

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I guess I missed out. I didn’t see it.

Anyway lost another streak. This streak was 1 day 13 hours.

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My guy, I believe in you. You can make it.:fist_right::fist_left: Bit by bit, Work yourself, make your life even if addiction persists.


Last week I paid $4000 of my college debt off.

I now owe $38,900.


Keep going brother
Very soon the debt will be zero
Btw even im pnly 1200 rs to pay
So lets keep going

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