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Guys, why not we just share good content on YouTube right here in the forum, a one stop shop for informative, educative or motivational stuff on YouTube, minus all the junk, distractions, and time wasting?
Many of us avoid going in to YouTube and spend time on the forum. YT is a source of so much info, but it is real easy to get sidetracked and surf away and waste a lot of time. We do share good YouTube videos in the app presently, but they are scattered around different topics. I thought I’d just make a topic so we can compile them all in one place. So, next time you’re on YT, and come across a great video that you think the community can benefit from on our journey, do post a link here in a way we can directly watch it on the app itself. Help out!

Let’s make it a point to share atleast a video or playlist here for every time we go on YouTube.

Some ground rules :

:white_check_mark:No triggers. (duh, obviously, why did I even mention that :smiley:) Watch the video fully and if ANY part of it aroused you in any way, don’t share. If there is even a tiny little amount of nudity, arousement, even sound, DO NOT post in this topic, no matter how tiny.
:white_check_mark:No time wasting or “entertainment” content. Comedy shows, web series etc. That’s not what we’re here for, right?
:white_check_mark:Memes are welcome, let them be inspiring, motivational and basically goosebumpy :grin:
:white_check_mark:This is a general topic, meaning try not to post any videos in languages except English. If you come across a life changing video, and you feel like you must share and others must watch, make sure it has subtitles so everyone can be included.
:white_check_mark:Good content that motivate us, help us, educate us etc. on topics of your discretion that you think others would benefit from. (NoFap, self-improvement, social skills, education, neuroscience…you name it!)
:white_check_mark:TED Talks are especially welcome!!! :fire:
:white_check_mark: Remember, it’s not videos you liked or found entertaining, it’s those videos which helped you and taught you things.

Use this topic well and to the fullest!


Lifted from brother @Tagore 's journal. What an absolute gem! Listen to David Goggins talk about his core values and the ideas he live by. His book Can’t Hurt Me is a must read if you haven’t yet heard of it.


This is probably the best channel if you want to learn programming.He has uploaded tutorials of almost every single programming language in Hindi.He is literally teaching such a valuable information for totally free.

If you want to enter in the programming field , You must check this out!


I hv 1 suggestion but it is in hindi, very good for brhmacharya


Watch with patience and u will be cleansed of ignorance


Above links are of a Indian Youtuber known as Fit tuber he is explaining the benefits of NoFap.

I hope you like it :blush:


If you are looking for motivation and want to feel the goosebumps…:fire::fire::fire::fire:

Because urges are nothing compared to your own warrior spirit which lies within you!


@the_shivam good share bro! now if anyone wants to see this amazing channel, they can come right over here rather than go to YT and expend willpower, trying to stay away from comfortable and useless content!

@StealthChopperinbond @J0KER This content is really great, but I suggest that we share only English and general content over here, so that everyone can benefit from them. I personally have no issues with content in Hindi(I’m considerably fluent and enjoy it) but there is a majority who isn’t fluent in it. If everyone who visits here benefit from this topic, it would be amazing!!!

Also, if enough people are interested, we can create another topic specially for useful Hindi YT content later. Keep them coming!:fire:

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You did a good thing by starting this thread @neetwarrior

Just like meme page, we can find all the needed videos in one place.


Appreciate it my dude.
Keep it going!:+1::+1:

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Appreciate it my dude.
Keep it going​:+1::+1:

For me overthinking is a reason of relapse I keep overthinking about future wife :joy::joy::joy:and then when I relapse I am down to guilt with blank mind … wandering what would she feel if she gets to know this that I kept relapsing in the name of her​:lying_face::lying_face:

I am 200% sure she will angry.
So mentioned this video


When in doubt, when you feel you want to give up, ask yourself this question. Just these two words : “What if?”


A great video to know the cause and effects of pmo

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This is actually one of my favourites…Is it just me or does this guy look like Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad?:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Anyway, the guy is a legend for writing that book and the way he educates…:fire::fire:


This is Improvement Pill’s take on how to quit ANY bad habit and is rightly titled :
"How to quit porn : The in-depth course."

It’s awesome. It’s a step by step plan on habit building. Do see it. As many times as you want to, and take notes.:smiley::smile:This inspired me to start doing stuff.


Meditation to break the urges and tranquilize your soul and to connect you with your essence , with God



I have made a rules list for some regulation of this topic. Do check them out! Hope you guys use the topic well!!


Prakhar ke pravachan on nofap
But in Hindi only

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