The Relapse Paradox

Yes, I made up the name, but read the post and you will understand. Most of the people (including me), used to think that after a long streak if they relapse, it will be easier to come back as they have already been through this situation and it will be easy peasy without any squeezing. But, on the contrary, it’s much difficult then the first time. Yea, thats right. The reason is quite obvious but unobservable. After a long (or even not so long) streak, our brain reward system kinda forgets the taste of that dopamine rush. When we relapse, our brain feels like it’s an all new experience. We will get a feeling of the first time we fapped which was amazing. Now, if you again start a nofap journey, your brain will be become more resistant then before. Even if not, your brain will learn that it’s ok to fap on day x (the day you relapsed previously) because it will give an enormous high, that is why most of the people are stuck in the relapse loop and can’t surpass their previous streak. I too, recently broke my 66 day of nofap streak and now I feel much resistance from my brain. It is difficult then before.
So, please be careful with relapses, you might think it is easy to get back on the horse, but it is not.


Agreed, I noticed this too.

Thanks for sharing this. I will bookmark it.

Yeah, thats how addiction basically works.
You can have 60 days with almost no urges. and then…circle. I recently relapsed after 60 days. My brain convinced me that there is no positive outcome to no fap, that anyway I am stuck etc. Which of course is bullshit. This Ego is the enemy. And if you believe him he will drag you down even if you don’t relapse. He is a trickster. He will try to go along with you. He will say what you doing is great! But you can achive so much more. Go do that and do this. What you do is never enough. I want more and more and more… Thats the Ego’s greed. No humility whatsoever, no compassion. Just insanity. When your action’s root is desire you will fall. When your action’s root is sacrifice for the good(god/gods) you will succeed.