The Only One Diary

I am creating this diary to stay on the path of brahmacharya, to share my experience, to learn, to improve and to excel…

Suggestions are heartily welcomed.

सर्वे भवंतु सुखिनः, सर्वे संतु निरामया।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यंतु, मां कश्चित् दुख भाग भवेत्।।


Can I start for 1 year of brahmacharya?
Recently I have been relapsing within 1-2 weeks.
About me: M31, Indian, Single, Working professional.
Likes: Love to do poetry, reading books, write, spirituality, adventures, travelling, coding etc…
Aspiring: to learn a musical instrument, to keep on improving every day and so on…and above all be a brahmachari for atleast 1 year.
Achievement: 300 days of NOFAP, 2 months of food w/o salt and sugar.

Let’s see…


Brahmachari is really hard bro. I don’t mean to demotivate you. But it’s good to try.


I understand your concern dear. But I want to have high targets to keep my standards high.


Some days you might feel the need to give up, but don’t give up, keep going


Yes @mayorRP , I will keep in mind your words.
Thanks for the support.

Started Gym from yesterday. This will channelize my energy in right direction.

Hey Bhraata shree, what’s the meaning of this shloka!?

And all the best for your journey!


इसका अर्थ यह हैं की सभी सुखी रहे और किसी को भी दुःख की प्राप्ति न हो।

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It was in class 10th sanskri book, ig.

May all be happy, May all be healthy, May all see the goodness. May nobody get sorrow. :pray::pray:

Amen. Thanks for this.

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  1. Mostly relapsing on weekends, free time-dirty mind


  1. Self touch is harmful, sometimes even for hygiene as it may trigger - need to be careful and mindful
  2. Need to be busy on weekends just like in week days
  3. Stop objectifying opposite sex and reduce the company of such people who do that.
  4. Edging is self-deception, which will eventually lead to downfalls

Need to bounce back stronger!!!

How is it going brother?


हरि ॐ