The Mini Challenge

the mini challenge

I’m creating this mini challenge to help people like me, pick ourselves and each other up.


  • Build NEW healthy habits :innocent:
  • Commitment :writing_hand: (7days or more)
  • Accountability :busts_in_silhouette: (share your day)
  • Support :raising_hand_man: (be there for others)
  • Motivation :fist: (all of the above) :wink:

The Rules:

  • Decide your challenge - eg; fast, exercise, read, limited Internet, meditation, prayer…etcetera
    (simple and achievable)

  • Ask or join someone (for a week, or more)
    each person can choose their own challenge

  • communicate daily - honestly and simply

Aoshigreen 098993a
Current : Day 1 / Highest : 63 Days


I need a companion to support me in restricting my Internet usage for at least 7 days - and I want my daily attitude to follow likewise.

Purposeful internet usage - no browsing the Web, YouTube, smartphone… etcetera

An idle mind is the devil’s playground

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@Rebooter81 @Gk-00 @srubio @surbco @Forodwaith @batish @jasperpenaredondo

Yes sir…?

Is this about the challenge it what exactly?

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Thanks for the reply my friend :raising_hand_man:
It’s yet again, a very simple challenge.

-Create yourself a challenge
-Find a companion
-Account to each other every day
(for a week - or more)

I just need to have some direct accountability - someone to communicate to everyday,… So I know when I start to forget my commitment I think “ah, I’ve got to be honest to my companion later this evening”

I’ve given myself the challenge to stop Internet/smartphone browsing for 7 days. And go from there.

If I could @tag you here everyday to build commitment, I’d be very grateful -
And if you could decide a challenge for yourself and do the same that would be great for both of us, and anyone else who needs motivation & encouragement.

Have a think about it, and see what’d be good for you in your Rewire journey.

I’m gonna start this challenge today:
Thursday 11th to Thursday 18th
(Just 7 days for the moment)


I already have companion/accountability partner… We have known each just this time… I really have to challenge myself and abstain from fuels… I have to commit again, I know Christ is merciful, but we Christians are called to be his workmanship to do good… I have to set my mind again… This is a challenge for me. God will help us

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How can I add my accountability partner here?

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Just use the “@” icon and name
Eg; @companion1234

Also what challenge do you set yourself?

well, I can’t abstain from using computer since my job is online tutor. But i have to minimize my time using cp and computer…

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You can account with me everyday if you like.
The aim of this group is to build new healthy habits.

I suggest only purposeful job related computer usage.

I already exercise, but maybe next week I’ll make it a challenge I must exercise.

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sure, We can build better habits.

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Would consider my plan is to keep my self occupied with walks, socialising and being outside more maybe with strict timed sessions on internet or YouTube like watch this teaching video or whatever and that is it then go for a walk. Plus morning exercise when possible…

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Thank you bro :pray::pray::pray:

Thursday ~ Day 1 of 7 (restricted Internet)
@Forodwaith @jasperpenaredondo @Rebooter81
I had doubts today and foolishly browsed inappropriate stuff - but it’s okay, I’m alive and I survived


So we started thrusday, It’s a little bit confusing since we have different timeline.

Friday Day 2 of 7, no browsing inappropriate things.

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Haha sorry bro - yeah, these things can be confusing :smile: Let’s keep at it :pray::wink::fist::pray:

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this day is tough for me, I almost watch P :neutral_face:. But i realize I have a goal. Thank God

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I’m also in @Aoshigreen. I want to reduce my entertainment usage to less than 2 hours per day.

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My Challenge: Reducing Smartphone Usage for entertainment. This includes:

  1. Browsing for entertainment via Microsoft Edge.
  2. Facebook App
  3. Instagram
  4. WhatsApp
  5. YouTube
  6. MX Player
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I am not tracking my Chrome usage, since I have decided it to use only for study purposes. Internet is very important for my studies as I am an English literature student and have to continuously search the internet for meanings and references which are not available in any dictionary.

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@Aoshigreen I want to set myself a challenge too!

I have been away from this app and nofap in general and had a tough time in fighting P lately, but I want to rise again, and making a new committment will surely help!

My challenge is: praying for 30 minutes a day, be it 15 in the morning and 15 in the afternoon or all at once, just stay there meditating on some passage of the Bible or with another spirituality book, and spending a bit of my time with the Lord everyday.

I will start by tagging you @Aoshigreen if you are ok with it, and if someone else wants to tag me as well for accountability in his challenge feel free to do it, I will start tagging him from the following day!

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