The Global Ranking Challenge


Sunday night I’ll be back! This is a reminder to myself and to anyone abusing the forums… real life is out there where you are so don’t delay in doing something good.


Welcome bro! Read the Rules and add yourself!!! Godspeed.


Sharing code - b5m3hr
Current streak - 62 days
Highest streak - 58 days
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - IN
NO PMO (with sex)


Tomy79 is on normal mode streak, buddy. He has recovered from artificial things fully. It’s a very good achievement but different and easier than hard mode. I can give you his sharing code. Also he is around 40 years old as far as I remember. There is difference between him and someone who did 1000 day hard mode before even 25. But he needs respect anyway.


I quit this group.
I lost to you guys.

I have not the courage to compete with you guys.

My fight is with myself.

I will keep supporting this group in future but i dont want any medal.

I want the love from my wife and that is the biggest medal for me. If she respect me for the man i am… that is my trophy… i am doing nofap for my wife, my mother, my daughter and for myself.

I dont want to involve in competitions… it is egoist and fake pride for me because if i cant give a smile to my people … i am nothing but a jerk.

@hellojaani You are doing great for others by making this group but always remember if the group doesnt serves your purpose… consider giving it to some other person who is successful and own a good streak…

I am with you and others.

I am also making a group but not for any competition but its aim is to …

Its a secret… i am designing it… wait for an hour.

Yours brother in arm @Courageous


But Competition motivates you in time of urges


Nope… i dont want this nofap to be a Race or game… . THE FIGHT IS ONLY WITH MYSELF AND THATS ALL.


I dont know why you are taking it on your ego after you relapsed maybe its stress hormone or not I dont know
But If you keep relapsing then only these number only helping atleast with me


Maybe stress hormone… but let it be this way… cheers to the group.


E zo ena shoma e ta e oka


Ok I shifted it.thanks


how dare you call yourself “Courageous”?

Either way - choice is yours.


How to join… add me in @Martial_Beast


add your details to the scoreboard man, welcome



calling out the highest streakers on my following list - come and join the Global Ranking guys!!!


how to join @hellojaani


Is there anything we need to do? Or do you mean just general particpation?


Just add your details to the scoreboard and update your count regularly… winners will be called out every week/month/year!!! @buntyak - edit the scoreboard with your details - read the rules bro!


@hellojaani I am confused about the format could enter me please?


Top 10 Global Companions after Week 1