The Global Ranking Challenge


Relapsed…feeling very bad…

I don’t want to get trapped in this cycle.

Trying for 1 month to get out 5-7 days cycle.

NB: I have changed my streak in scoreboard.


Rise up Jedi! You merely glimpsed at the Dark Side but you belong to the Light Side!

NB: This has been overlooked by quite a few… when you relapse (refer to Rule 4), on top of changing your streak (good job here), you move your details to the bottom of the list - it is a rank after all.


Done bro. As you said. Moved to the bottom side.



I’m going up the list of companions I’m following - join this challenge, reveal your global rank and never relapse to keep it!!! XD


Hi @hellojaani, I agree on some levels on what you are saying, especially since the other NO PMO challengers are doing NO PMO. I totaly agree on that, since others are walking one path its wrong to compete from a different path.
But what I don’t agree on is the physiological side.

sexuality specifically increases DeltaFosB in the nucleus accumbens, and serves a role as a mediator in natural reward memory. This study also found that overexpression of DeltaFosB induced a hypersexual syndrome. (Watts & Hilton, 2011)

The problem with pornaddiction from a dopamine standpoint is that is causes a downgrading of dopamine receptors. (Watts & Hilton, 2011)
The reason why it is recomended to stop both sex and masturbation while you are trying to get rid of a porn addiction is becourse the act of masturbating and ejaculating are closely linked in the brain to the porn usage. Studies even show that fantazing about porn are almost as bad as watching it.
If on the other hand you can focus all your attention on the sensations in the body while masturbating or having sex, without fantazing about porn at all, this will increase your ability to stay mindfull. It will shift your view on sex from porn to reality.
A varning though. If you cant be fully mindful while doing it, it might have the oposite effect
But the point I´m making is that sex and masturbation can if used correctly be used as tools for recovery.

Another interesting thing that doesn’t have anything to do with this is the science behind why porn addicts get PIED!
Prolactin works as a dopamine inhibitor, curtailing our sex drives once we consummate orgasm and providing us with feelings of satiation and sexual gratification. So the happy feelings impulsed by orgasm are carried along by prolactin.
When we bombard our brain with porn the dopamine levels surge and after ejaculation so does the Prolactin, and if we do this over and over again the level of prolactin becomes extremly high. And Prolactin levels that are high can cause low libido, weak erections, delayed ejaculation (Kruger et al., 2012).



Watts, C., & Hilton, D. (2011). Pornography addiction: A neuroscience perspective. Surgical Neurology International , 2 (1), 19. doi: 10.4103/2152-7806.76977

Kruger, T. H., Haake, P., Chereath, D., Knapp, W., Janssen, O. E., Exton, M. S., … & Hartmann, U. (2003). Specificity of the neuroendocrine response to orgasm during sexual arousal in men. Journal of Endocrinology , 177 (1),


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What is this?can ou explain to me?


Interesting read!

  1. There was this great chart, I tried looking but couldnt find it. It details the changes in brain chemistry the further you recover. And I remember one such event after 3 week plus DeltaFosB begins to break down from the nucleus accumbens. If anyone finds, please share.

  2. If porn watching is equivalent to fansizing, masturbating without orgasm is not equivalent to masturbating, or having sex without orgasm is not equivalent to having sex? To put so much weight on the orgasm is a poor excuse to keep indulging imo especially if when you know everything is so integrally linked as we agree.

  3. The awareness of our surroundings and being mindful is a higher order task imo… you cant begin a marathon from 10km or 5mi, you must start at the start. Also what sense does it make to recover using the same tool that brought you down?

  4. I dont buy that its the “chemical soup” that is issue (putting off the source of the problem on anything other than yourself also robs you of the responsibility to solve the problem by your own choice, which is how all of it started and puberty playing a major but background role). We cant self-correct using solely our minds and think positive thoughts about sexuality and indulge in it while recovering, thats absolutely the wrong model imo.

  5. The cumulative experience of nearly all of us complement each other regarding the feelings of losing integrity, vitality and happiness and having all that seep and adversely affect into other areas of our lives. Science is always slow to catch up to experience. The first guy who discovered fire didnt need a scientist to examine the fire and approve that indeed fire burns.

  6. You bring up a great relationship between dopamine and prolactin… so you know that you cant indulge in one and negate the other? They are irreversably linked. Its a vicious cycle and the aim is to break away from it. Moreover, modern science is in its nascent stage at best regarding this… theres literally thousands of years of ancient science, documentation, knowledge, experience and wisdom that talks about chakras, kundalini, qi, yin/yang, celibacy, sexual propriety, all through the preservation and cultivation of our vital seed… not indefinitely as most of us want to settle down with a family at some point but to regain what was lost due to pmo and other related escapist behaviors, all of that which makes life truly great. Because sex although important is just one small part of a great whole.


Welcome aboard! Please read the rules and add yourself to the scoreboard XD you can change the icon of NO P to what you prefer - I made it :sweat_drops: as a joke haha

speaking of :sweat_drops: @ReNeGaDE - good on you to reset your counter but also move yourself to the bottom of the list too (refer to Rule 4)

come back as Gandalf the White, make this your last relapse!


Simply put, a Global Ranking List… so we know where we stand in relation to other companions which ought to inspire us to never relapse and maintain our rank (a solid motivating force) otherwise we would need to reset our day count AND move ourselves to the bottom of the list in the scoreboard XD (a solid preventative measure)! As more join, we can get a clearer idea of how well everyone is doing over time.

More comprehensively, refer to the Rules! So what say, wanna join?


I am in No PMO mode. Going all the way.


I relapsed last night, it all happened because i went on Instagram. I thought i was strong enough to resist but turns out i wasnt. Although i am very upset, i am not going to binge fap. On the bright side i did not fap to porn.
Guys stay away from Instagram. Everytime you click the app you are playing the devils game.

p.s i have moved my rank to the bottom


I relapsed today .the reason was being alone and free.i was using YouTube and i search for some hot videos and then the brain said i need my food and so i start searching porn. you guys know the remaining cycle.
I m angry at myself but now it is of no use to cry over spilt milk.i m going to start a new journey. You guys keep at up as you are doing. God bless you all…


I wonder who is that one single person who has reached 955 days…


@Aragorn Could be someone who just left the app. That’s one thing I wish that admin would fix is maybe if you don’t get on the app for long enough your streak becomes hidden.

Not reset, just in case it’s legit, but just hidden from others on the badge list or something, that way we know who is clean for sure and who is not. Not sure if that’s possible tho


I’m reseting my counter. I indulged in unhealthy outlets because I was stressed and the workload was mounting and I was diverting my attention to distraction rather than productivity. Courageous made a thread on forum addiction and I don’t want to walk that road so I’ll take a week long hiatus. I’m out for this week’s ranking - I’ll be back by Monday to announce the winners! Cheers all!


Don’t forget to move yourself to the bottom of the list (read Rule 4) and recover fast!!! All the best


I have him. And his day count is 973 as of now.


Join this challenge to be forever commemorated as #1 on Rewire Companion (just never relapse).


@hellojaani when are you going to update the scoreboard???


Hello, im here to join the global ranking
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