The Global Ranking Challenge


@AnkitK join this brother. As in for me I’m good, I don’t want to stay much on the app.


@BruceLee @koylakhadan @Rockstaa … Seems like an interesting thread.


@MrXYZ , @Special_Bird @NEW_CHALLENGER
You should join this group…


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Come join this challenge :facepunch:



Come find your GLOBAL RANK!!! Join the challenge!


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You should join this challenge :slightly_smiling_face:


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  • Scoreboard should be up to date now - well done on the regular updates!
  • We are 26 STRONG so far and growing; SHOUT-OUT to ALL who tagged others
  • The very First Weekly Challenge has begun!!! Feb 18th to Feb 24th!!!

Winners will be commemorated!

Let’s all live like champions and make it to next Sunday!!!


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Thanks for adding yourself bro! Also, you are at 24 days so I moved you up!


@hellojaani Quick question, would you count sex and masturbation without ejaculation as no PMO or as no P.
My personal opinion is no PMO :wink:


Interesting question man! I consider the act itself as a commitment. Essentially it’s about sexual integrity whatever path you take. I personally say it’s either all or nothing. I believe whether it is edging (masturbating without ejaculating), having orgasm-less sex, or watching porn without masturbating… it’s identical in every respect to the full PMO except it’s WORSE. On the physiological side, this is because the ride up is all about dopamine (which is the critical chemical responsible for addictive behavior) and by not ending the cycle, you’re in limbo, making those positive feedback loops stronger. On the logical side, it’s tough to draw concrete boundaries between P, M and O.

… what if it was just a peek
… what if it was a little edging
… what if it was just the foreplay

how long is too long — and to avoid such confusion, each one must have sexual integrity and honesty enough to admit either “this was too much and I FEEL different” or “I will be careful next time, glad I caught myself before doing anything too much.”

So unfortunately, I would call it NO P, also because none of the other NO PMO challengers are doing that. But you’re most welcome to join brother!


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I come to fight my desires of deception and crucify them!


Welcome!! Please read the rules and add your details to the scoreboard brother! And specify which type of challenge you’re on — NO PMO, NO PM, or NO P! Vamos!