The Global Ranking Challenge


Short answer: Both brother! 1 stone, 2 birds!

Long answer: Thats the point of the rank… sure time only flows forward (and speed of light travel hasnt been invented yet so we dont need to worry about relativistic time dilation) meaning we can only rise in rank if people at the top fall… this is why all we can really do is never relapse and see our daycounts grow and grow! This way we will always have our ranks (granted no one above us relapses and if they do, our rank rises)!

The way I have addes people is based on daycount so you never need to move your details/rank up… but… if you relapse… when you turn that day count to 0, move your rank… all the way to the bottom by yourself (I think this is a just/fair thing to do) and dont forget to comment why you relapsed!!!


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Highest streak: 49 days
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Location: England


Sharing Code - a0tk33
Current Streak - 56 days
PM (but sex)
Age - 24
Gender - M
Country - Germany


You can set a time and date for your relapse by adding one 57 days ago! Then, go to relapse history and delete the “default” relapse when you joined the app 7 days ago… this should give your proper day count. Make sure to update the scoreboard regularly. You’re the first PM with sex companion, welcome! @BorisKw


If I want to tag someone then I will do it by choice and not by compulsion… And you got it right not with the threat of penalty or shaming :metal::grin:


that’s what I thought haha… good to have you promptly make me self-aware of my inner dictator XD


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Age - 25
Gender - F
Location - India

Please join us @Emma1217
You too @Brozay


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Highest streak 191 days


Great to see you here - you first post: in the precise format, you tagged not one but TWO companions, added yourself to the scoreboard (you’re the first) AND made yourself younger by 5 years XD ahhh the benefits of NO PMO — Welcome!!!


@Tomy79 you should join here brother. I think you have the all time high streak.


The benefits of PMO :smiley: I’ll change that.


Is it fair to keep one single rank list for both hardmoders and softmoders…???


Welcome! Since you didn’t add an age, gender or country… I made your age and gender “??” and gave you the pirate flag for your country. Good?


@greg You should join sir.


@AnkitK want to join?


Remember I had three separate rank lists but we kept getting only NO PMO companions… BorisKw is the first NO PM (but yes sex) companion, I imagine it shall grow… hmmm what do you think of a badge to identify the separate categories?

:trident: for NO PMO
:fleur_de_lis: for NO PM (but yes sex)
:sweat_drops: for NO P (but yes M/sex)


I am already a part of 4 groups. :sweat_smile:


Hahaha I get it man. Still if you never relapse, you dont need to worry about this group. Your rank will stay. Open offer!


That’s cool bro…

Nice idea…


@_KarmaYogi @Abhi93
you can make a fresh start here.