The Global Ranking Challenge



You have relapsed but dont let this group relapse. We all are exited about this group. It is cool.


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I’ve fallen. I haven’t died. I’m up again. Next time, my sleep schedule needs to be optimized and I wont bite on more than I can chew.

Relapse is local, it comes down to the individual, to me. Because only I can change my behavior.

The group is global, it lives on. Nonetheless, like many things in life it’s only as strong as it’s weakest link - mia culpa companions but the show must go on! I rise again.


Announcement: Today is February 14th meaning half of February remains. Monthly winners will be announced on March 1st. The first weekly winners will be announced on Monday, February 18th for this week, Week 7 of 2019. And so the challenge begins!

So far we have 12 global challengers!!!


Who will prevail?


Let’s get this done guys…



If you survives the first week challenge… only then i would give your posts a like 🖒
You have to earn my love and respect.
For now, it seems to be all comic and nothing on surface.


I am sure, All my brothers will prevail.


Add me bro.
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Looks like no one in particular is pursuing

  • NO PM
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Challenges… so Im going to take them out.

Also, cleaning up the rules a bit. Take a look, what do you guys think? Any suggestions on the operation of this ranking competition are welcome… if you have ideas, SHARE them!!!


I was in Top 10… now its discouraging me … give me my rank back… scrap top 5 and make it back to top 10.


If you can get more to join, in fact, if all of us can can get more to join… I’ll bring back top 10! I have nothing against it personally but it doesnt make sense to have top 10 when the total number of participants is 13, you see my point? What say at 30 participants we will bring back Top 10… okay?

So how about we all tag those we know with ‘@’ and challenge them to #revealandkeepyourrank (use the hashtag)?

Like this (I’ll begin with the Admin himself):

@Taher I challenge you to #reveal-and-keep-your-rank by joining Global Ranking!


Listen Up Men!!!

We’re entering aggressive expansion! Each of us should follow a new rule, in fact, each new member should! This is Rule #4! In order to have the best ranking challenge… we NEED more companions! And this is the only way I see it happening. Suggestions are welcome. Do it asap brothers. Cheers!

@ShivHanu is this better? Haha


@hellojaani … Brother I do appritiate the logic and urge to expand this group… But I won’t be tagging anyone to join here just to remain in the rank list. Thank you… U can take any action.


Whats your reasoning behind not tagging someone @ShivHanu ? Let the tagged person decide whether they want to join or not. Im not asking for much imo and its for the challenge. Im not gonna eliminate anyone… hmm I see, having a penalty put a bad taste in the mouth. Ill work on my delivery. Meanwhile please tag someone if you can. Thanks!


Come join this challenge @gunsblazing & @NewOne
After joining Tag one more guy and say the same things to him.
Dont break the chain. Let it be a Global Challenge.


My sharing code is already out there, if you check my post history.


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@BorisKw come join the challenge :+1:t2:


@batish — he doesnt normally relapse, but when he does, he only edits his day count but forgets to (1) move his detaills/rank to the bottom of the list AND (2) post WHY he relapsed! Do tell man. Rise faster this time!!!



The Admin himself has joined our ranks!!! Welcome Taher, may we see you rise and rise!


Do we have to update the rank list ??? Or just our streak?