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As Harvey Specter says, “You Always Have A Choice!”

So choose well next time! All the best!


My bad brother, I forgot you’re already here, one of the top companions in my following list too. Got any ideas on boosting general participation. My goal here was to have the rank be the inspiration itself - general participation is always welcome (just not at the expense of real life commitments).


@_KarmaYogi @_pohand check this out. Maybe this will inspire you!


I gotcha. No worries. I think you are doing a great job. The more activity the better. More people will engage.


Thanks bro, I really appreciate the support. You also have my support and I hope this is our last relapse. Remember this message


I will also try to update scoreboard weekly


Relapsed after day 10

Why: Had serious urges today, held out somewhat throughout the day, edging then pulling my self out of it, then edging then pulling my self out, etc.

Finally thought I was going to hold out for the night but I didnt. Gave up plain and simple. Completely ridiculous and I’m fucking mad as hell but what can I do. Gonna keep going and stay off the slippery slope.

If your reading this and thinking about relapsing, there’s nothing that I can say to stop you, know that it is completely your choice, BUT

If you do relapse, know that you are consciously making a choice to continue as a boy and not a man, that you are throwing away all of your goals so that you can be an inferior being, always looking out at what you want but never grabbing it.

You will look at yourself in the mirror a year from now and say what the FUCK was I thinking. Because really the only thing that stands in between you and being clean a year from now is the decision you make right now, not tomorrow, not a week from now, not a month from now. Right now.

So make your decision… because you are completely in control.


You are right, and I know it’s hard to accept. I know for the hard moment that you are going through, I also relapse very recently. I know you feel frustrated and ashamed, but try to think that you learned a lot on this journey and that you were very brave because you reach 10 days. Learn from the mistake you made and I’m sure you will not fall again. I wish you the best in this new journey. You can add me, my code is: 1b5335. Come on, you’re stronger than pmo!!


Thanks for the encouragement @srubio ! I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be sure to add you and here is my code if you would like to add me back: a06153


So proud of you bro. Am struggling here to reach even 10 days. Repeatedly relapsing before 10 days. Am trying all the different ways possible for me. Still couldn’t do it.

BUT, as you said, what we have as another option bro. No other choices than starting again and keep trying again and again. I hope I will also reach a complete reboot one day. And that day will be awesome.


Thanks man! That means a lot. Yep we just gotta keep moving, nothing else to do :slightly_smiling_face:

I know you have tried a lot of different things but I know one thing that helps me is just getting out of the house or removing myself from a bad scenario when I get urges. A lot of the time I realized i set myself up to relapse by not taking minor urges or thoughts seriously in the beginning of the day and end up sitting in front of the computer that night. If I take notice of my feelings and needs right off the bat it saves me from putting myself in a bad situation.

Anyway, feel free to add me as well and we can keep each other motivated! Stay strong :muscle:


I already added you, my username is Eddy21.


We can’t change if we won’t let go of the mind-set of relapse… that if you are on large day count, you are happy and if you are on small day count, you are sad. Success and failure, however large, are outcome-oriented and outcomes change without notice at times, seeing how complex life is… all we can control are the choices we make in the moment. Repeatedly not learning from relapses hurts a lot and the outcome of failures pushes us into a negative mindset… but we cannot succumb just like that. How can we let one moment define us? Feeling accomplished is an inner realization and not entirely dependent on outer realities… I write and try to understand myself and be as positive as I can, going forward… this is the only way I can see. I’ve fallen many times feeling inadequate but also a quite a few times feeling arrogant, as many of us. A sense of healthy detachment is vital but also acceptance that this discipline and structure will guide me and facilitate my driving to where I want to be.


Oops ya I just realized that lol, Ive had you on there but the differences in usernames sometimes throws me off :joy:


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Lord help us all. But more than that, may we help ourselves!


I also wanted to join :smiley:

Sharing Code- xpcoq2
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Age- 20
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