The Girl I liked

Today, I got my heart broken, but learned a very valuable lesson.

So story begins…A girl, I’ll call her S in this entire story.

So i am working as a intern in startup. Its a non paid internship, so just doing it for fun and skill enhancement. So we were in a need of new interns. So , S joined as a new intern. I was in the startup since the beginning so i became quite senior there. So every intern that joined that day reported to me and there was one other guy.

So eventually S and I started talking in Dm about the reports and stuff. After a few meetings i kindda started liking S. So we started talking some off topic things (other than reports). S was good looking and had a very nice voice. So i started dropping some hints that i like her, but she just laughed it aways. I tried some indirect questions to know if she is single or not and laughed that away as well. Eventually i was able to conclude that she was not single, but half of my brain was not ready to accept it.

I still kept flirting with her and waiting for her text. Then today i followed S on insta and saw pictures of her with her Boyfriend. Which broke my heart. I was very pissed.

Then came the realization , that she was never rude to me. Even after realising that i like her, S continued to talk with me respectfully. So i thought why should i be pissed off at someone for not liking me or having a BF. Thats completely unfair right?

I think the porn addiction has affected me in such a way that now i think that every girl i talk to must like me. (Not sure about this )

I think i would prefer to stay single unless i have fully recovered or unless a girl drops some hints. Or else i would keep getting my heart broken. Do you guyz also feel bad when you find out that your crush doesn’t like you back?

Anyways that was my confessions. I am on Day 6 today. Had a nightfall yesterday. Looking forward to brighter days ahead.

Renegade signing off


You have a big heart, but be very very very professional to her otherwise the feeling will lure you on her unprofessional ways, like if she wants to do some off work things for her don’t agree easily, I think girls are smart at understanding that if someone likes her so be very careful and be and act like a professional I must say. Although it’s very hard even I can’t also do it but at least giving it a try doesn’t hinders.


That’s normal I think. By reading your story I feel your actions are not drived by addiction rather human nature. :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the advice


I would be delighted if its human nature. Anyways lets recover👍


When a girl laughs off you trying to be date her, she’s either dating or uninterested. I don’t think you were driven by addiction. That was a normal reaction. You don’t have to stay single from now on, just be aware of the signs that a girl isn’t into you. Sorry that happened to you though.


Thanks for the info buddy. Would keep it in mind from next time onwards.

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Not at all. You reacted pretty normally. Feeling sad or angry when something disappointing happens is completely normal. Acting on that anger is bad. And you acted in a very mature manner. Good job!

Initially yeas but after you ask girls out a lot of times and get rejected, you get used to it.


A man of experience I see :rofl::rofl:


Thank you for your motivating words

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We get hurted @ReNeGaDE when we think that everything should happen according to our interest or thinking. When the things go opposite to our thinking or wish, it hurts a lot.

Everyone has their own life and everyone has right to choose their partner accordingly. I saw a lot of people who love the other people but get hurted when there is no response from other people. They cry, feel depressed, listening to sad music and there is no mistake of those other people but the mistake of their own.

When you see a beautiful girl, don’t be dreamy after seeing her like she is my girlfriend, she must be my wife, She is only my love. Don’t attach with someone hardly after seeing or talking. Be in your own control.

Don’t relate it to your life - It is my opinion⬇️
Single Life is a Great Life - There is no headache, no limitations, You can do whatever you want to do. You don’t need to prove to someone if there happens something. It is strict brahmacharya. Live in love with God. Everyone must do meditation more than 3 hours in the love of God.


@HitMo that’s a very good point, really appreciate.
Can you please also throw some light as how to be someone who completely loves God and he gets the same feeling of love when he loves a human being (a girl) soul mate.
I really need to know as how to develop that level of love for God and be exactly the same way happy and joyous when your dream girl reciprocates to your love or you in a relationship with your dream girl.
Please suggest / advise.

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Very Good Question @Rohitash

How can we love God as same level we love a human being? How can we love God if we don’t see? We can only love with a thing that is physically existed.

To Love God, You must aware with the reality of life. Everyone think that Life is about enjoying, achieving worldy goals such as money, success, cars, business, relationships but it is not the reality.

We are not here to achieve worldy goal but to achieve spritual goals. Our life Goal is to come back our real home and our real home is God’s home.

You know, our mind cannot satisfied. Our mind is monkey that cannot stay calm. We think that when we achieve bike we will got the pleasure of life and nothing else need but when we got bike, we need car, luxury home, wife etc. and after getting all the things we don’t get any calmness.

Everyone want pleasure but they don’t know where is the real pleasure. They are seeking pleasure in worldy things but they get only sorrow.

No one is our soulmate, No one will help you at the end of your life - Your siblings, your friends, your colleagues, your life partner even your parents can’t help you at the end of your life except crying from certain time. No one is our permanent partners.

If we are with someone such as friends, partner, family, relatives only because of our karma. When our karma with someone will end our relationship ends. We know many people left us and we left many people because our karma end with someone else. Don’t attached with the worldy things and also in relationship.

Now the question is how to love God?

We don’t love God through manmat i.e. according to mind’s actions such as pooja, paath, bathing, hawan, feeding cows this or that. It is our manmat and we can’t get God with that things.

The only way to love God is through a Pooran Guru ji who already a God. He will give a name for simran and we have to meditate. Meditation is the only way to love God. Below our eyes - world but above our eyes God Exist. God made a way to meet him above eyed but we are finding him outside through worldy things.

Find a Pooran Sant (Guru Ji) who will help you to achieve your spritual goal. I will suggest you to read spritual books of Sai Bulleshah, Sant Kabir ji, Tulsi das ji, Guru Nanak dev ji, Guru Ravidas ji Maharaj.

Read all these books to clear your all the doubts - you can understand the reality of life.


Thanks a lot @HitMo that’s very enlightening, very well said Meditation is one of the greatest gateway to connect with our eternal love, friend, father which is God. Will surely check these books for spiritual guidance.
I am also a firm believer in spiritualism… thanks a ton once again for your guidance.
Take care, stay blessed.


If you can understand hindi than watch all the videos of this youtube channel…
You will learn the actual way of meditation.

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Sure bro, thanks alot…will surely watch these videos :+1::+1:

Thanks for your guiding words. Loved it!!

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Keep up brother, you’ll overcome this sorrow…


Yes i am feeling much better now

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Bro do u any companion c