The Betting Nofap Challenge(Season-1) {Enteries closed}

Welcome to the town of Gerosha Since the very beginning Gerosha town has been well known for Rich business man and people with Never to give up will.

As I told you earlier this town has a lot of business man here , so it will be interesting to see which man becomes no 1 business man in Gerosha…


  1. Every Business man will be given 100 coins in the beginning.

  2. Every person can bet on himself and on others also…

  3. The person with highest coins by the end of 30th August will be declared RICHEST MAN OF GEROSHA


  1. A person can place 1 bet on himself and 1 bet on any other person…

  2. A person can place a bet on himself and on others…Example: I place 50coins bet on myself that I will reach 7days of nofap and 50 coins on any other person …

  3. It’s not necessary to bet all the available coins.

  4. If a person wins the bet he will get double the coins and the other person on which the bet was placed will also get double coins…Example: if I placed 20 coins bet on person A that he will complet 3 days , so after winning the bet both will get 40 coins…

  5. If a person placed a 40 coins bet on other person and he lost , then both the partys will loose 40 coins from their purse…

  6. If someone’s purse becomes empty he has to request a person to place a bet on him to comeback to the challenge…

  7. Minimum 4 days bet can be placed and maximum as many days.

  8. The person on which bet is being placed can have max 2 bets .

  9. You can’t bet on the same person consecutively…
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Competitors Available Purse Ongoing bets Duration Bets lost Bets won Ending date
Dean 10 5-ysub and 5-Dean 0 2 0 23rd
Govind-19 300 290-Govind and loser12-10 0 0 2 23rd
Nofapstar 560 550 nofapstar and 10 tagore 24th june 4 days
Yash21 20 Yash-10 and Dean-10 4days 1 0 23June
Loser12 340 290-loser12 and Dean-10 4days 0 2 23rd
Tagore 100 0 0 0
Evolved 100 80- Evolved and Tagore-20 4days 0 0 19th
rewire_user 40 0 0 1 1 0
Ali4th 300 280-Ali4th and 20-nofapstar 4days 0 0 23rd
Ayushabantaiji 100 0 0 0
wick_op 100 0 0 0
Ysub 50 50-Ysub and 25-Dean 7days 1 0 23rd
RegretHater 100 80-RegretHater and rewireuser-20 7days 0 0 23rd
Walkir 100 50-Walkir and kanu-30 4day 0 0 23rd
GuruFTW 100 90-Guru and 10-Ali4th 0 0 23rd
Hradehya 50 30-Guru 1 0 27th

@Ash_Matt make this post a wiki…


Sharing code: ea1v0q
Age: 17
CS: 0 days

Ambani ko pacharna hai :grinning:

Let’s see who becomes Ambani of Rewire companion app :+1:


Sharing code : 4zssn7
Age: 21
CS : 2 Days

Yeah :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


This seems interesting haha
Count me in
Sharing code 9r05mw
CS 24

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Ohhhhh I love this challenge!:heart::heart::heart::heart: I love gambling and incorporating that idea was genius!

I’m in
Code: 200q6a
CS: 168
Age: 21

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This seems interesting :fire::fire::fire:
Count me in BRO

Sharing code : az8w7k
Age: 19
CS : 1

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Hey bro @Dean_Ambrose , this is a great challenge. Appreciate the effort man. Iam in!
I will become the richest man and will buy this city as well :fire::fire:

Sharing code- tn1ii4
Age - 20M
Cs- 0 days.
Starting from scratch. From rags to riches kind of shit :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the challenge man, it’s nice to have a legend among us @Tagore

Everyone can start placing bets from 16th June


Damn, This is some creative stuff,
I’m in. Code : fjlqh6

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@Ash_Matt @Samaranjay @rewire_user

Guys would you like to join this challenge ??


Man, Are You serious :fearful: Why are these amazing ideas and threads are coming now, when I made a thread :joy:my thread will come at last.
But seriously, Such an amazing Idea bro :handshake::fire:
Count me in :+1:
Sharing Code - ko8y31
C.s - 14 or 15 I don’t know exact, I don’t count days :sweat_smile:
Age - 18
Gender- M


Damn I thought I wouldn’t join as the number of challenges I am in is way too many but as I saw the rules I git excited and now I am in :joy::fire:


I’m glad to have you both in this challenge… Let’s who will be the Richest person in Gerosha town



When can we start betting. I can bet my whole coins on Tagore, Govind and Samranjay because these guys are on another level now. :joy::joy::joy:
Don’t worry I won’t do that.
I will play safe and surpass Elon chacha :sunglasses::fire:


16th JUNE…

Hahahahaha ,but You have to place one bet on yourself and one on other


I will look at the pro’s and Learn from them how to gamble :sweat_smile::+1:

This confused me but I guess when someone will make his first bet. I will get it. Let the challenge begin.
My challenges list :fire::clinking_glasses:
:white_check_mark:1. NOFAP War
:white_check_mark:2. My hero Academia
:white_check_mark:3. League of Gentlemen
:white_check_mark:4. Betting
:white_check_mark:5. 60 Days bro’s challenge
:white_check_mark:6. Study Challenge
I guess that’s all…:+1::sweat_smile:
I hope I didn’t miss any :handshake::zap:


You forgot the study challenge :joy::joy::joy:

Man, I am getting distracted a lot. I am not taking studies seriously. I am gonna uninstall discord right now. :joy: But I don’t know why I felt so happy in the past week. Even before joining discord. I didn’t felt any urges by the grace of god. I wake up watch anime, workout and then watch anime and hangout or chill a bit and sleep.
But Things can’t go this way. I need to focus now…:fire::handshake::zap:

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