The better me each day

I am on creating a new path to my brain.
Will note down here my daily journey and thoughts.
While creating this diary, i am on day 8.
Lets start…


I am on day 1. Stay strong.


Keep at it friend. You can go do it!


Day 8 successfully completed.

No urges because been busy with work.

But felt a heaviness beneath few times.

Couldn’t allocate time for studies (But I know, time is there a lot, but my mind is not being ready to concentrate on it)

Dear dopamine, please encourage me in studies as i love to increase my knowledge.

Also felt bad for myself at my position in life, spent an hour to think about it. But i am on the right track now.

I am hoping one day i will reach my goal.

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To force me to study, from tomorrow onwards i’ll comment here while start and end of study time. It will help me i think.
All the best to myself.

Day 9 is going on. A distraction is coming.
Thats why writing here.
Dear myself, you no need the happiness in that distraction.
You are already happy with what you are doing.
Be happy myself.
Be happy with focused on right things.

Thank you, Jin. We can do this.


Day 9 completed.
But didn’t spent time for studies.
Too many distractions.
But i will not give up in this streak that much easier.

Stay strong brother. Dont give up.

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Thank you for the motivation my friend. It really helps a lot to know that people care about other’s struggling. You stay strong too brother.

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That’s true bro @Jin . The universe/super power/god or anything else it may be, that is helping us in some form to defeat the struggle we are facing.
This time in the form the people in this forum.
We are thinking/hesitating to do the normal PMO because we have somewhat accountability of each others’ streak length.
If the strength of evil is big then the strengh of goodness will be bigger.
Day 10 is going… getting hope and good vibes today…
If we can’t, then who will be…
We can… :+1: @Jin and @ANAZODO


Those are some wise words Sat. I feel pressured in a good way to continue my journey by being held accountable for my relapses. I can’t promise that I won’t relapse again but I can promise that’ll I’ll do my very best to repel any urges that might befall me.


Day 10 Completed with good vibes…

Day 11 started
For the first time in 10 days, woke up earlier…
Good sign to start the day…

Now i am going to start studies.
The hard mode for my brain to concentrate.
For the next 4 to 5 hours.
Praying i am not getting any distraction.
Dear me, if you accomplish this, i am going to give yourself a star :star:.
Feeling like i am a child :smile:
Lets start


Got urges while studying.
Got distractions and hand went to type porn.
But all of a sudden, remembered all advices given here and put down phone and abserved what was going in my body and brain. Slowly my veins and brain calmed down.
Till now, the biggest urge was in Day 11 but fought it.

Day 13 is going to complete with positivity.

Day 14 going to complete
Doing my plans correctly
But inside me a thought that why are you not enjoying the life.
Actually i am going in the correct way today.
But the past tracks of dopamine trying to convinse me to do FAP and get enjoyment.
But this time my mind is clear that the day to day activity, small steps towards the goal and helping the family and friends and keeping them happy are the best activities and enjoying them is the meaning of life.
Oh God… What a clear thought today I have.
Keep strenthening this version of me…
Dear dopamine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: please keep increasing this way…

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Day 15 is going to complete
Thinking to enjoy the failures of whatever plans or works or trials i do…
When increase in trial failure count, thats the sign that success is nearer to us…
But the only thing i dont want to get failure is this nofap streak…
I will…

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Day 15 completed
Had auto release without dream while sleeping

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