Tell me something to not to relapse this night

Hey Community
Today I am in my day 5 and feel miserable because at night when I will be alone at my bed.
I will definitely relapse because from yesterday thought and social media maid me so servos and couldn’t support to abstain this whole day. Thank God today was Ramadan day and thank to cold shower, I was able to sleep in peace.

I need to hear something special today to be able to abstain of fap and achieve my goals.
Today I get a work promotion but unfortunately I am still single and don’t have a real partner to celebrate with and get that incredible pleasure.

Please tell me something that will me strong today, I destinated to relapse after Chelsea vs real Madrid Match.
Waiting for u community, your word can make change in my mind, let yourself go and tell me whatever you want.


Go to sleep now …The best advice I would say


I think you have better to sleep now with out watching the match, you can watch the highlights tomorrow, In my experience Late night makes you relapse


If possible do meditation. Sleep early. Let’s change the usual behaviour and come out from your comfortable zone. Talk to your friends. Talk to parents/closed one. Feel blessed and Then sleep. Find a way out. I know you can do this. Let’s give your best. Good luck!!


You better remind yourself that why you started your journey to NoFap and why you want to continue, if your goal is not firm enough you will definitely relapse, I know these may sound harsh but it’s better to face truth rather than giving you some sugar coated thoughts.


Hello brother.
It is very good that you thought of reaching out here before you do the sin…

You said it. You are planning to watch the math and then relapse. As others told you. Don’t watch the game. Your mind now is waiting for the game to relapse. Sleep before the game and wake up at sahoor.
Also know that we are in Ramadan. And Ramadan is at its end, so don’t mess up with what remained from Ramadan. PLEASE!


As for this, brother, let me tell you my story.
Since the start of Ramadan I haven’t watched a single video. Ramadan was very different. I was very different. I started taking up exercises, working out every single day, although I am not athletic at all. My life changed, LITERALLY.

And yesterday, I had the same thoughts as yours. Urges started hitting and I gave up the fight, and Relapsed. When? After a 23 day streak. Imagine?

Now, you may ask me how I feel? Miserable.
Was it worth it? At first, no. Now, still no.
Not worth it at all. I got depressed, fatigued, I missed an important meeting today. I just am so mad I was not able to control my urges yesterday. I never felt that bad. And now I should becareful not to fall to the chaser effect.
So brother, please, do not relapse. As you will regret it.
A match is worth nothing when it comes to your future.

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I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


Let me tell you something for the future.
Our brain works by being wired to something. People try to unwire their brain wires from an addiction but they don’t plug them into something better. Then they relapse.
With every unplugged wire, we we should immediately connect it to the positive mental, physical and energetic sources. After you do so, there won’t be any trigger, urge or anything that will push you down.
It’s called a rewire community, not an unwire community for a reason.

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