Study challenge 2021 (Hogwarts-inspired) Entries CLOSED

The study challenge 2021

Welcome! Whether you are a student or a life-long learner, this is the challenge for you!

Here, the members of the four houses, inspired by Harry Potter will compete for the coveted House Cup at the year end.

This challenge aims to motivate you to study and reach your potential.


Work hard. Study hard.
Remember: Dreams don’t work unless you do.

House points

Gryffindor: 6

Prefect: @_TIGER

Hufflepuff: 4

Prefect: @SincereDev

Slytherin: 9

Prefect: @rohankians

Ravenclaw: 9

Prefect: @Samaranjay


Details & Rules for challenge

There will be four houses.

Once you are a member of the house, you are to remain in that house for the rest of the year. If you have any issue with this, please PM @Ash_Matt

Every member has to report their hours studied during the session. Posting a screenshot of hours studied is not necessary, but ideal.

:star: You can record your time either using an application or stopwatch or by writing down your time on a paper from when you sat to study and when you left. This will help keep a check on your EFFECTIVE study hours not let your mind exaggerate.

:star: Score system details:
a. 1 hour = 1 point, 1.5 hours = 1.5 points, and so on.
b. Hours are rounded off to lowest half-hour. That is, 4 hours and 45 minutes of study equates to 4.5 and not 5 points.

4 hours of study is actual study. Reading novels/religious books/ any form of recreational reading are not counted. Class hours may be included as study hours if the member so wishes.

You must study at least 28 hours a week, unless in case of unavoidable circumstances. If so, tag the admin @Ash_Matt . Failure to comply results in expulsion from the House, after 2 warnings.

:star: Each house has a prefect. You can become a prefect by being the person with most study hours in your house- the others really look up to you, and you are a natural leader and hard-worker!

Vacation: Of course, it’s understandable that you can’t work 24/7, year-round. If you wish to take a break, you can declare that you are on vacation. You are not required to post study hours while on vacation. Please be disciplined and do not take vacations unnecessarily. Specify on which days your vacations begin and end. Vacations are limited to three months per year. If you have an issue/further unavoidable need for a vacation, message @Ash_Matt

You are free to post motivational and encouraging content. Trolls are not entertained and will be reported. Please be mature here and don’t waste others’ valuable time :slight_smile:

For second years coming from the previous challenge

  1. Note that the points system has changed, as you suggested.
  2. Note the new format of matches.

At the end of the challenge,

Team with maximum hours will be the winner of the cup.
The challenger who studies most hours will be the Most Valuable Player.

Admins: @_TIGER @Ash_Matt @rewire_user

A note on the challenges:

Single duels


For the first seven days of the month, the challenge is open to single duels. A challenger may challenge another member (of another house) for a particular day. If accepted, the winner of the challenge is the one who has studied more hours on that day. The winner would earn 1 point for his/her respective house. Duels may include more than two people in case an odd number of people wish to duel
Death duels: In case the first duel is a tie, a second duel will occur on the following day. The winner of that duel will get both points for the two duels, that is, 2 points.

Quidditch matches

A Quidditch match would occur for the remaining days of the month. The members of the houses must report their study hours as often as possible.
:small_orange_diamond: The house that has most points wins the match and earns 5 points.
:small_orange_diamond:The runner up house earns 3 points.
:small_orange_diamond:The house in third place earns 2 points.
:small_orange_diamond:The last house earns 1 point.
:small_blue_diamond: The House member with most hours is adjudged the ‘Most Valuable Player’. His House earns an additional 2 points, no matter whichever house it may be.

Special events

From time to time, there will be special events occurring. These events are for 1-5 days, and are meant to push you to reach your maximum. These events are a good way to earn extra points for your house, while a Quidditch match is going on. Be sure to check-in, and look out for posts regarding these events! :slight_smile: There is a separate scoreboard for special events, which you have to edit to join. You are only allowed to participate if you are already a student at Hogwarts.



Hufflepuff common room



  1. SincereDev (5)+(1.5)+(6.5)+(8.5)+(3.5)+(4)+(4)+(0)+(0)+(0.5)+(2.5)+(0.5)+(3.5)+(2)+(3)+(1)+(2)+(0)+(4.5)+(4)+(4.5)=(61)
  2. Luffy (9)+(9)+(9.5)+(10)+(10.5)+(7.5)+(7.5)+(8)+(8)+(10)+(9)+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=(98)
  3. Probably2 ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  4. Shiva25 ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+(9)+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  5. richard21 ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  6. JotaroKujoh ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()

Ravenclaw common room



  1. Ash_Matt ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  2. Samaranjay (6)+(7)+(4.5)+(9)+(8.5)+(8.5)+(3)+(0.5)+(0)+(1.5)+(0.5)+(0)+(2)+(0.5)+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  3. Dean_Ambrose ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  4. _KarmaYogi ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  5. ashisht ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  6. sakshi11 ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()

Slytherin common room



  1. rewire_user ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  2. rohankians ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  3. RJ1994 (5)+(4.5)+(4)+(3)+(4)+(4.5)+(4)+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  4. Kaizen ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  5. tanmay_ck ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  6. ZeeMia ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()

Gryffindor common room



  1. _TIGER (6)+(9)+(8)+(8.5)+(5)+(7)+(5)+(0)+(0)+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=(48.5)
  2. Zeusss (5)+(8)+(11)+(6)+(4)+(4)+(8)+(11)+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=(55)
  3. StealthChopperinbond ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  4. Mahesh27_03 ()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=()
  5. sheamus (5.5)+(4)+(3)+(3)+(6)+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=(21.5)
  6. The_wild_perception (7)+(6)+(6.5)+(6.5)+(6)+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()+()=(32)

May the odds be ever in your favour

All the best!


Special event- The Hungarian Horntail egg

The Hungarian Horntail-one of the most feared dragons of Hogwarts and beyond, has been spotted near the great lake! This once has laid an egg-a priceless item, which could come quite in handy.

Only the bravest wizards dare approach this dragon. Flee for your life if you are not strong enough, else the flames will end you!

There is no risk without reward- find the egg, and you will have bought your house great honour! Fail in the task, and you meet your doom!

Current challenge rules

  1. This challenge is for three days - 20th to 23rd.
  2. You must study above 6 hours for all three days, if you are entering this challenge. If you study less than 6 hours, you loose 3 pts from your overall score. Read this and be warned.
  3. If you wish to participate in the challenge, edit this post ASAP. Only the Bravest and most fleet-footed wizards may join.
  4. Update your three day scores on the board. In the end, the member with the highest total hours at the end of three days attains the Hungarian Horntail Egg.
  • The Hungarian Horntail egg : If you come to possess this egg, your house gets an additional 2 pts, and you have a special option- The Hungarian Inferno. The inferno allows you to add an additional 4 hours on any duel you fight (that 4 hours may make you the victor), or you can just add them to your quidditch match tally. The inferno lasts only for 2 weeks. Use it before that, or else you lose the chance to use it at all.


Calling the bravest wizards!


Current ongoing duels:

  1. @Samaranjay :vs: @sheamus
  2. @The_wild_perception :vs: @Ash_Matt

Wish to join the study challenge?

Declare yourself open for sorting here, by editing this post. When there are four new members, the sorting hat will decide your houses.

  1. @singhvicky
  2. vigi
  3. @lamrun @Ash_Matt
    Have a question? Post it here.
    This post will be empty unless someone raises a question here. Also tag @Ash_Matt or @rewire_user if you are posting a question so that he can answer it

Challenge records :books:

Challenge records :books:

What is his challenge bro?

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2021 version of the study challenge begun by @neo_150
If it’s about duels, it means that @rohankians has challenged someone to a duel, hence
Rules for a duel: Study challenge 2021 (Hogwarts-inspired) Entries OPEN
The study challenge is open to duels till Jan 7th

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Fix some target study for tomorrow… My target is 7 hrs for tomorrow…
I have some office work though I will push my self for 7…

Anybody up for it to study by 10 pm tommorow


I am in bro. Add me…

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@Busyman If you are challenging @rohankians , edit this post Study challenge 2021 (Hogwarts-inspired) Entries OPEN
Tomorrow the winner will get his house 1 point

Can you edit for me this one time? And which house I belong to?

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Where can we see members of the house


@Ash_Matt the four hour min study to gain one looking was nice … it made me push to read 4 hrs per day no matter what…
May be atheist min 2 hrs… Well this is my opinion

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Let’s say me and rohan are from same house …then it’s pointless to challenge right?
So only the members of opposite must compete.
As you seeing many people here. I want you to split group accordingly…every group members must be equally challenging and interacting

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I think we should conduct a single duel week. In which one person will battle another one.

Eg:- 7 person in one house

1 person 1 day

I think prefect should change every month.


Let’s do it. Jai siya ram. I will use Forest app from now onwards.


Hai I too use the same …can you please share your Forest account gmail I’d…so that I add you as my friend.
My email I’d is [email protected]…you can add me as your friend