Stucked at chaser effect help

I m stucked at chaser effect
When I breaked my last streak of 75 days I again relapsed at 5th day and now again I relapsed at 7th day
Help me to get out of this circle pls

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Same situation, enlighten me also :slightly_smiling_face::grimacing::sweat_smile:

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I feel you, same here.

I just yesterday deleted all my dating apps and removed all non relevant accounts from IG (only buissness/self development relevant). I am again trying to stay out of screen as much as possible. Also starting to return my routine back to my life, but different routine as old one was not maintainable for long run, so I am still in try/error stage here. And trying to socialize more, vhile there is no lockdown (you never know). Hopefully all this will help me again. Idk if thats setup best for me now, as I also want to find myself, but due to socializing its hard. And to not forget, I am socializing ciz I am strugling with FOMO effect. And thats worst obctacle for me I would say :confused:.

Maybe I gave you some hints, maybe not, but I am hoping that I did :wink:. Stay strong and look at it positively, at least you are not binging.


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