Strengthen your Eeman (Muslim Faith)


Please help me, i want to join this group this my code 667b3c, I just relapsed again… My longest streak its about 2 days… I felt really shame to myself that i cant control my mind


fasting is a great way to gain control over your self and reduce desires and fasten the reboot. its helps your brain heal. it cuts your brain from all that overflow of dopamine. and increases dopamine receptors in your brain. and helps you enjoy normal activities in life.


it’s hard at first but over time it gets easier. my advice to you is to fast. fasting can be hard at first. but your body gets used to it


Add me 1f4315 I want to get rid of this menace


have added you. this is my code


Good Flyer thanks alot. Great contribution


Your companions matter a lot. Spend ur time with good companions. try to find the company of mature and elder people. Preferably Muslim elders who give orders to do good and stop from bad.


After reading a lot of nofap users experience and how they feel during their journey i am sharing this… What will you get (benefits) after completing 1,7,15,30,60,90,150,180,250,365 days of nofap. write it down on a paper and stick it on your wall as a goal. :slight_smile: heart beat returns to normal.
7days=brain fog lifts, able to do some work.
15 days= brainfog is very low level… Start to feel little energetic. Started doing Morning / evening walk, cardio.
30 days= body becomes normal. Full of energy. School, office work becomes fun and interesting. You will start enjoying life at this point. You will realize how porn has stolen your real life rewards and you will try to achieve them.

60days= massive amount of energy, you have to hit the gym… Tiredness/lethargy /brainfog gone. Mind becomes clear… Ability to focus improves. Ed is decreased and morning wood starts.

90days= considered as complete reboot. You become a normal human being. ED/Brainfog/social anxiety completely gone.

Time for superpowers provided you don’t ejaculate and do meditation.

150days= start to feel the super powers. Mind becomes very sharp… Memory, will power is high.

250 days= super powers… Everything will be very easy for you.

365days= you will have a nice job/business. A beautiful wife/girlfriend. Life is very very beautiful.

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Help me guys I am losing faith in myself best strike 9 days

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Really interested in doing this streak with Muslim brothers, but I don’t know how to join and how do I know my code?


go to my Companions tab. and click on the plus sign.


Bro add me in the group…
Sharing code: 039fd9
Current: 0 days
Longest: 18 days
Location: Pakistan



Current streak 4 days
Highest streak 22 days (not in this account)
Age 19
Gender M
Code c7d3c6

Add me


Reprogramming the mind isn’t easy but it’s not impossible. open has made too much damage in me , now it’s time to deal with it. I won’t give up. I will not see bad things/prohibited things. I know I will always count on God to help me win this battle. May Allah forgive me and Help me.


I have completed 21 days.
I have improved a lot in this period of time.
Before i used to spend my whole time lying on my bed and play games and watch movies. I hate that life.
But things are changing…
1.I started my studies again.
2.I started going outside for morning & evening walking.
3.I started excercising.
4.I have reduced my time on watching TV and smartphone.
5. I have become more confident.
6. I am more positive about my life now.
7. I am facing my fears now.
8. I have found out my other weaknesses & addictions and i am working on them also.
9. I have a lot of control over my nerves now.
10. I am chewing food properly now.
11.Music never felt so great.
12. Humans never looked so beautiful.
13. All human Feelings are popping out.
14. Waking up early.
15. I feel constant happiness and strength.
16. Became more fluent in speech.

I know 21 gays is very less time and it is a long journey. I do not know what will happen if i achieve 50 days.
I think i will be a SUPERMAN one day if i keep on going like this. Seriously man. Hard Mode is life changing.

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I am on my 27th day now. Alhamdhulillah.
before saying no to porn was hard for me. but I started to fast one day off and on day on.
after that I started gaining control over my urges.
now I am fasting Monday and Thursday.

hold fast to your daily prayers in the mosque.and hold fast to sunnah prayers. and do a lot of good.

Evil deeds are erased by good deeds.


Guys I would like to suggest that in a weekend if u tend to relapse download an app called duolingo , u could learn a new language in ur spare time


Dont relapse till Ramadan and in Ramadan shatan gets locked up. So it would be easy for you to quit this sinful addiction Insha Allah.


I am from India.
I am indian Muslim.
Age:19 years.
Sharing code:-4f2fca
Please add me…
Please give reply if added


Its good to see someone from pakistan. Im also from pakistan and 22 years old male. Omer best of luck for your next days. I also started this now and InshaAllah i will also get rid of this addiction.