Strengthen your Eeman (Muslim Faith)


I am also from Pakistan


Hey you are my teammate from Team Clean Souls. It great to hear that you are also pakistani. You can contact me whenever you want


I mean im froom clean souls and you are in X-Men. Lets see whos team will win this. Stay Strong and give us tought competition💪


Great But i relapsed so I can only support you guys


You must have other activities when you start rewiring. I personally started doing heavy excercising like 100 pushups, 140 times 3kg weight lift and stomacg excercise.

Excercising will eradicate all the laziness out of you after which you will begin to have discipline. The discipline will bring focus and strengthen your willpower and confidence which will make your mind verys strong.


Thanks aurakzai bro. Good advice


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Current steak - 1 days
Highest steak - 23 days
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - Pakistan

Why I created this group - Islam prohibits masturbation. It is a sin and also effects the life of the person badly. but still many of the believers are addicted to this menace. I wanted to use this forum to jointly get rid of this evil addiction and be useful and effective personalities.

“And whoever seeks chastity/cleanliness, he seeks it for his own benefit” - Quran

Stay clean brothers. May Allah Help you.


Things That Help in this journey:

  1. Namaz
  2. Good Company
  3. Switching of smartphone and using simple phone for 2 weeks.
  4. Exercise and Gym
  5. Fasting(twice a week)
  6. Lowering the gaze while walking in market. Avoiding look at non mehrams/nonrelative girls.


Asslamualikum Brothers
I want to suggested u all to read the Chapter on Sexual Transmutation of the book Think and Grow Rich. It is about the importance of sexual energy and motivates u to control and utilize this energy by channeling it towards creative and positive thinking and actions. Stay strong. May Allah give you the power to do virtues and the tofeeq/ability to avoid sins. Ameen


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As a Muslim, the blessed month of RAMADAN will be an amazing opportunity for me to make 30 day streak a straight and long way.

keep up guys!

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I am with you brother, and in this blessed month i will not fap at all inshallah
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Asslamualikum Brothers
Ramzan is a golden opportunity. shatan is chained and nafs is mostly weak. u only feel the urge in the late night and in the morning. control these. Avoid Movies and Photos of girls. Lower and protect your gaze while out of home. Believe that I is the best opportunity to get rid of this menace. Not just for this month but for complete life. Ask Allah for sabr in this regard after offering 2 rakats of namaz e hajaat. May Allah be with you.


Ameen brother , May Allah protect us from Sins


Stay strong brothers. one ashra of Ramadan is about to end. Its the golden chance to get rid of this menace. bcoz fast breaks ur lustful urges. Avoid edging. Avoid everything that lead u to masturbation earlier. A Momin / Good Muslim cannot be bitten through one hole twice. Be mindful. Allah Hafiz


Asslamualikum brothers
Stay strong brothers. 2nd ashra of ramadan is about to end. Its the golden opportunity to get rid of this manace. Due to the blessings of Allah in the ramadhan, Alhamdulillah I have reached my first 30 days streak. Everyone should avail these blessings.


AOA ! Masha Allah , so good to hear that from a muslim brother , I will reach my 30 days in 6 days , May Allah bless us all


Asslamualikum Brothers
as u will cross 30 days u will feel an intense urge for edging. don’t fall into it, it will lead to relapse


Bros I reached day 30, 7 hrs ago , Insha Allah I will go for day 60 and so on , I just want you guys to know its not impossible and If I can do it so can you , just believe in urself and in Allah
Best of luck to everyone


I agree ,happened to me last Ramadan