Stategies I need help

Guys I’m a total disaster at the moment failing non stop and yet I know I can be so much better than this. So much stronger than this so I’m reaching out for a little accountability, strategies, motivation, encouragement. Thanks and God bless


Follow them and build your self once again.


I have a plan for each time I get an urge and I’ve been doing very well so far. (It’s day 27). This is my strategy:

  1. As soon as a dirty thought enters my mind I say ‘NO’ out loud to let the devil know that I cannot be fazed and that I won’t give in. This usually takes care of the problem every single time. Affirm that resolve.
  2. If I don’t do step one and let my thoughts wander I have to do step one and then message my accountability partner who prays for me and encourages me to stay true
  3. If the imaginations become reasoning and justification, then I have do step one and two and then change my environment. Gotta get out, take a walk, talk to someone new, have a cold shower, or distract sufficiently.
  4. Finally, this works in any situation at whatever stage I’m at; I stop what I’m doing to pray and then speak verses from the bible for at least ten minutes. I use the urge alert button in the app to time this.

All of this is very effective and I find myself on the road to recovery! You can do it too! Freedom here we come! :smiley:


Could you tell me about the situations in which you relapse?
What time of the day, what situation, how do you feels before the relapse or what do you tell yourself?
That might be helpful to analyse.

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