Sohel's Diary - Destroy record of legend

Day 1, December 23, Monday
Relapses today. But start new journey. I never try it before. Up and down allways happend but never give up. I am starting this challenge with a complete shock. Why Can’t? I will see.:sunglasses:


Day 2, December 24, Tuesday
It,s no relapses day man!! Great feeling…

Be wary of spilling your seed. Boys who spend each night playing with their parts become weak, obsessed with the needs of their body. Keep your hands away and treat desire as any other weakness. Abstinence will make you strong. You will have wives and mistresses in time." -anomnonys Kormo


Mainly relapse problems occur at night when you go to sleep. If you sleep at day after 2.00pm then forget it don,t sleep at this time and at 4.00pm done anything which is very hard work… Thats why at 11.00 pm automatically You will fall asleep.


Day 3, December 25, Wednusday
did not semen today.:kissing_heart:

what comes out of you when you are squeezed is what is inside of you.Dr, wayne dyer


Bullshit. I fall in a trap. I just browsing internet suddenly one bikini infront of me and can,t control my mind I relapse.
What not to do for 7 day?

  1. Youtube (band)
  2. Facebook (band)
  3. Any browser (block porn site)
  4. Spent without using any social only for 7 days.
  5. Don,t think, yesterday what you done. Think just a beautiful moment in your life …
    Porn is just an Dirt think ever…

Let,s start target small to big
Target= 3 days no lap
From december 27- 30
(Next target December 31=january 04)


Day 1, Friday, january 3
New challege start.
Please any brother motivate me to do my best. How can stay long day from it??

How’s your new challenge going brother?

We have to develop a strong plan in order to go on longer streaks and break free of the addiction. We need to recognise just how much pain and suffering relapsing causes us and leave it behind for good. Look ahead to threats and come up with solutions to keep us from falling for the same mistakes.

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