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Why I want to create a group - In my journey so far in Nofap, I have seen a conflict amongst nofappers about whether sex is a relapse or not. Some say it is, and they give various reasons for it. Some say it isn’t, as there is nothing wrong with expressing love towards your partner. Now those who are against sex say that as doing it results in relase of semen and dopamine which is a relapse, a valid argument. But we soft Moders believe that some sacrifice is worth as it will result in a better and a deeper relationship with our partner, and in my opinion that is a plausible argument too. Now as most of the community consists of hard moders and they kinda start dominating it, I felt it is my duty to start a group which gives recognition to us soft hearted nofappers. So Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “Soft Hearted Nofappers”.


  1. Only sex with partner(wife/husband/gf/bf) is allowed. Prostitution/One night stands/Friends with benefits/All other bullshit reasons for sex other than love is considered a relapse.

  2. Atleast 30 days gap between sex.

  3. No Mastrubation, No Porn allowed.


Whenever you have sex, just update it in the scoreboard. Whoever has the lowest number after 4 months will be declared winner
(Please be honest about your score, if you participate, participate honestly and with full heart)

1.You can work on the no. Of times and decrease it, hence increasing transmutation.
2. You can prevent yourself from becoming a sex addict.
3. You can help out others and get help yourself about various sex related problems as everyone here will be like minded.
4. You can have a healthy sex life, all the while growing as a better human.

Some men/women choose the path of love and we are not wrong, and that is what this group will represent.

Sex with a partner classed as fapped


Session 1 (March 2019 - Jun 2019)

  1. aapoorv75 : 2 : 134 days
  2. weir : 7 : 77 days
  3. amitkum689 : 0 : 19 days

Format for adding your score

Name : No. Of times : nofap streak


Paying / Cheapness / fwb / etcetera…
When you say hard moders dominating, the above is what I think we’re all truly getting at, finding fault with.

Calling yourself a soft moder does yourself a disservice, the title a little misleading.

But I think you’re really onto something here.
Best of luck and wisdom :+1:


I understand what you are saying, but recently I had a conversation with a person who started insulting me for converting to soft mode. He started boasting about his hard mode achievement and started showing disrespect towards me. Just like me, there are many people here who have faced the same. Because of it, many married men and committed guys here unwillingly turn to hard mode due to peer pressure, hindering there relationship or counting sex as relapse and getting disheartened. So this group will serve as a safe haven for those who wants to follow the path of love along with fighting this evil of porn and mastrubation.


Much respect to you :+1:

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The scoreboard is added and the participations are open now. It doesn’t matter if you are on hard mode but might convert into a soft moder in near future, you can also join .

Here we are peacefully discussing about our issues and sharing our experiences. If you don’t support this initiative, you don’t need to participate. If you are found offending someone intentionally, you will be immediately banned from the group and I will make request to Taher to ban you from this community. Again, if you don’t support this initiative, just walk away.


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had sex last month

is how many times sex also need to add, had 7 times without ejaculation in 3days


Yes, if you had sex, then add it please


I mean I had done sex 7 times in 3 days, I have to count it 1 or 7


Better count it as 7

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Welcome @amitkum689 to the group. Here we will help each with our relapses and other issues related to sex and PM.

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Come on Soft moders(People who hate porn and mastrubation but believe in love making), you don’t have to forcefully do hard mode, or because of peer pressure, come to this group and find out for yourself.

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