Sex with a partner classed as fapped

Hello to all my friends fighting this addiction, would I fail if I had sex with my wife.

I’m 38 days now without porn or masturbaing.
I haven’t told my wife about this addiction I have, and don’t intend to that will start a war,if you know what I mean.

Please be open with her. She’s probably getting more hurt by the fact that you guys don’t have sex. Maybe she will be supportive and help you. But open communication is key.

Also if she is unable to understand, remember that you’ve got out of the PMO cycle. So she is not the outlet for you. She’s not your toy, instead give yourself to her fully. Enjoy sex with her. It was made for good!


Do you do sex out of love or to just scratch that itch for dopamine? Ask this question to yourself and if the answer is out of love, then my friend, it is not a relapse. Porn and mastrubation degrades our mentality and makes us slaves of our own fantasy world, they are the real enemy, not making love. Sure, you can limit the no. Of time you have sex in a month so that you don’t become a sex addict, but completely abstaining while you are in a relationship is not good for your relationship.


Here, join this group which is for people like us who wants to fight PM all the while maintaining a healthy relationship with our partner. I hope this helps😊


Thanks my friend, making love to my wife feels real and real love and she give me love more than I can ever ask for, but before 39 days of porn my brain says who cares. I want more excitement more dopamine.
So I know I have an addiction and I have hated myself for it when every day passes without porn I feel human and now my soul has returned,thanks buddy for the information

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No you can have sex with wife without any problem
Unless you are on monk mode

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You have used the word ‘fapped’. It has different meaning. S*x is not fapping.