So, just started out

Hello, my name is Luke, I’ve been jerking now for 2 years and it has become an addiction and I recognize it. I was looking for a way to stop and since today I decided to try the no fap for a better life, the longest I have been without fapping would be a week, I’m definitely looking for people to talk about their experience and I wanna know what advice you can give me to not fall for temptation, to not relapse and how to keep the thoughts away, also tends to happen to me in moments of doing nothing so I would like to know how to prevent it in those situations, if anyone wants to talk to me or advise me that would be lovely, thank you for reading.


Welcome to the community @LukeMouree

Just spend some time in this forum.

You will come to know all the tips and advise you need to succeed in this Journey.

Best wishes


Thank you very much :heart:


Welcome bro!

Yep as Aragorn said, there is a lot of good information around here to help you find the right strategies for you.

My biggest tip going in is to be flexible and adaptive with your strategies. Don’t be afraid to try new things and adapt them to your own life. Read and try everything, and take what works for you. Not every strategy on here is going to work even though it might work for others. That said though, make sure to give everything a solid couple of tries before giving up on it, sometimes these things take time.

I’m gonna give you some links below to some resources here that you might find the most helpful. Most of them are articles, but some are challenges that you can join to help yourself find a good community and stay accountable. For the articles, I know they can be long, but trust me, they are worth the read. If you invest the time, you will get the time back in days clean. It’s reciprocal. Anyway, here they are below:

Good luck bro :muscle: If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to ask!


Believe. You are the master of your brain. In Nofap, you may get beaten, but the most important thing is to never give up! Good luck, bro.


Thank you very much :heart:

Definitely I’ll read the articles, I really appreciate the help

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