So I played with a girl



Today I was playing on my ps4 and doing playing with randoms till I got matched with this girl, we played the game together and taught her stuff about the game, she is what we call a noob lol… we went back and fourth we asked each other questions and stuff, I was able to talk with her and not freak out lol. Sometimes I was lost for words but for the majority of time we always had something to talk about… but then after I was able to get her a win it was her first, she was thanking me and stuff, I said no problem there is your first win… it was a very good experience my heart was pounding but I was able to pull it off. The girl sounded nice too. Anyways just wanted to share my experience and I’m only at day 3 and this happens… I cant imagine how it wouldvd went if I had just relapsed, I would’ve probably had left the game lol.


Can i say as a girl: “This is sooooo cute!”?
The boys are romantic too. OMG. Hahahaha
I think you should keep talking to her so you can get to know her better.
Good luck!


hahaha thanks I try my best, you just made my night lol… the girl sounded serious and paid attention to what i said lol which attracted me to her but also i dont want her to think that just becouse I played with her she has to be my girlfriend, dont want her to think I’m thirsty for girls… but I think talking to her and stuff was good enough for me, for some reason didnt want to go further… but anyways thanks for the advice and the nice comment (:slight_smile:


Glad for you buddy. Thanks for sharing
. Though the title was misleading… I thought before reading this … hahah


Ohh that pounding heart, no feeling like that in the world
Btw trace her and talk to her in person if I think you connection with her


How was it misleading lol. Anyways thanks man


Well when you first read it, it sounds as if you had sex with her😂


Haha nice story bro. Just keep going in No PMO because you will find that your speaking skills will improve to. Just in case if she is the one for you, don’t hesitate to at least ask for her number or add her somewhere once you get to know her better.


Oh come on you guys are dirty minded :joy::joy:


Thank you. Thank you


We all have dirty minds on here :smiling_imp:
What do y9+ expect :joy_cat:


Agreed :joy: hahaha. …


Well we are porn addicts here so… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I got you :joy::joy:


Haha nice man! Very happy for you, keep in mind that things Will only grow better now.
Keep on going strong, cheers!


Hahhaha​:joy::joy:. Good one​:wink:


Thank you so much man, this community is great, and supportive wish you and the community the best… hope together we can get over this


That’s really nice to know bro! I too met a girl like 2 weeks ago while playing a game on my PS4. We started talking on the ps messages app and got really close with her haha. Maybe you should add her too and start talking :). Btw, if I may ask, what game was it ? I met this girl in overwatch though.


We should play StarCraft someday :smiley_cat:


I don’t know, I feel talking with her was good enough, and the game fortnite :slight_smile: