So I played with a girl



I don’t know what that game is lol … do you have a ps4 ?


Omg you don’t know StarCraft? You must be young… Or maybe I’m too old haha just kidding😺


Lol I will look it up. Is it free? I might get it soon :grin:


Its a RTS game. And yes, it is free to play😺


I thought the same too … that you had sex or something… Sorry bro we are so perverted. :grin::grin:


I thought everyone here is like this!:joy:


It’s all good bro, I was playing when I said “y’all have dirty minds” :grinning::grin::grin:


Y’all played fortnite didn’t y’all😁


Maybe we all can play a game together . I have fortnite / overwatch and other multiplayer games too so if you guys want to play you can hmu.

My psn: CryptoNAX (I know it sounds cringey please don’t mind :joy:.)


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
What an ambiguous title indeed :laughing:
Anyways, you did great job bro. Keep improving your streak!!! Who knows she’ll be your future girlfriend and wife :smile:


Haha I will add you brother…


Who knows maybe she will. Although I’m feeling very weak right now and varunable to a relapse for sure…


Is it because of her?


Don’t do it bro. The benefits far outweigh the temporary release :wink:

Sexual transmutation works by replacing the thoughts, the desire to have sex with pixels into something productive or creative, you name it.

I have just read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. While I did know the concept a little bit, I’ve read the chapter on sexual transmutation thoroughly. It’s a mindblowing book, you can donwload it through the play store for free.

Those who have made some sort of an impact in history, such as creative geniuses, do not dissipate their sexual energy through a release of ejaculation. They transmute their desire for sex and infusing them with love, and other productive creative things. They were people with high sex drives who found a channel to their sexual expression.

And to add to my own personal story, when I have gone months without PMO 80+ days; I had a clear direction, focus and productivity in pursuing the goals that I made for myself. Not to mention I had excess energy to be hitting the gym at least thrice a week.

I do not think they are placebo at all, only those who denounce spirituality are skeptical about it.
There are quite a lot of mystical literature on semen retention, some of them are Eastern and Indian such as Kundalini.

I was in the same boat since I can see two sides of the same coin on this issue. And hell you can rationalise anything when you’re horny hahaha.



Thank you so much very inspiring bit I ended up relapsing and feel like I let everyone I know down for some reason I forget all the benefits and everything that nofap gives, forget everything and relapsed it.was a very bad feeling especially since I got to day 7 yesterday could’ve made it to 8 or 9 today but… I failed my slef. :cactus:


Nah man. It’s all your own progress and your own journey. This is the journey which exists for a lifetime. There are still so many more years to go. I don’t think you’ve let anyone down :wink:

p.s I relapsed like 4 days ago haha.


Thank you…,I thought you were on day 80 or.soemthing lol anyways stay strong man


Don’t worry bro. I also relapsed yesterday because I cannot control myself when I last time see that pixelated pic. I feel very ashamed because I keep wasting time even though I’ve relapsed over and over FOR SEVEN MONTHS and never get past 2 weeks. How sad I am… :frowning_face:
Anyways, I know my plan for the next three weeks of my holiday so that I wouldn’t relapse anymore. Lifting weights, push-ups, seeing real chicks, overcoming fear, studying something important, focus on buried vision and mission, focus on reimproving buried talents, etc.


Yeah. This fight lasts for a lifetime because our libido is hormonal, natural, & permanent since our puberty. So that’s why we have to build a backup plan.


Nah man. But I got to around 90 days twice.

Add me btw ec7789 :slight_smile:

To motivate each other to not give in.

We’re all in this together.