Small accountability group


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Why I want to create a group -
I want to start a accountability group with not so many people in it, maybe 5 to maximum 10 people. That way we can keep track of one another and get to know each other’s behaviours and hopefully be able to help one another before anyone falls to far…
Anyone is welcome to join :blush::blush::blush:
I am currently going for No porn and No orgasms. That means that fapping is okey as long as I don’t fantasize about porn while doing it and as long as I don’t ejaculate.




Wow great :blush:


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Let’s do this :muscle:


@anon31780630 if it wasn’t for you I would have failed yesterday… I was just about to look at porn when I remembered that you are one day above me. Then I decided, if you can go for 5 days so can I.
And I did :grin:


Welcome :blush:


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Work as a team to reach our dream


Welcome to the team @XenoGeno
Together we will do this :blush:


Count me in!
Code is 67219d. I’m going for NoPorn and NoFap mainly at the moment, with the possibility to get back to masturbation once I know I’m not influenced by porn anymore :slight_smile:


Wellcome @amadeus.muench :grin: wow 28 days way to go :hugs:. You are an inspiration.
It feels like we have a small but great team here :blush:

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No offense, but I don’t recommend that for the long run. Then again, it depends in who you speak to. Some claim not ejaculating regularly can lead to prostate cancer, and yet sperm retention keeps a man motivated according to others.

In the end, we’re all here because our habits went too far, so it could be a slippery slope.


That’s true, I think it depends on the person. I speak out of experience, my longest Streak was around 230 days, and I was able to masturbate every once in a while without fucking my brain up. It became something natural I didn’t rely on too heavy, like watching a movie or drinking a beer


I’ve been practising Tantra and Taoism for some years now. And in those practises, semen retention is a central part. So my personal experience is that masturbating without ejaculating is beneficial and helps me stay away from porn.
But as with everything it all depends on what one choses to believes in and what works for you😊
But as @anon31780630 said, it can be a slippery slope.

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Wet dreams keep us from getting prostate cancer.


Think pizza mmmm
Yummy yummy pizza
Only five days and you can have a nice big tasty pizza with all the trimmings :grin:
I know you can do this


Hi there, mates. Can I join your group? I am new in this app. My code is ffea10.


Welcome @eduardo_ribeiro_nunes :grin:
Yes you are welcome in our group.
Good luck


@anon31780630, keep going, It’s an inspiration for me to see you one day ahead of me :grinning:

@SirNuttyy have you tried pornblockers? I just installed k9 on the computer and qustodian on my phone. They are both free :grinning:
Go buy yourself a nice something if you can beat your highest streak and hang in there. We are here for you

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Reached 15 days. Had an ice cream :grin:

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Lucky you. I’m lactose intolerant.

I don’t really feel much difference after 15 days. The morning urges have died down a bit, but I honestly don’t see or feel any improvement in any part of my life.

Have you noticed any changes?