Small accountability group



No not much, but around day 12 and 13 is usually when I relapse. So since I managed to passed those days I’m celebrating :grin:
But the urges stay the same, less then day 12 and 13 but other then that no changes


Well, perhaps my expectations were too high. However, I hope to see improvements soon.


Those first days do not make you feel better, they are there for you to gather yourself and benefits are truly felt at day 90, because this is when your body has made a full circle of realising that’s its recovering there is no more dopamine rush. Just be patient everything will align


Okay guys! I’m 20 days in. Just 10 days shy of a full month!

I hope everyone in this group is still doing well: It’s been a rough ride, but I’m feeling a bit inspired!:star_struck::star_struck:


I’m gonna do something radical now.
I use a pornblocker called qustodio, It’s not a wery good one and it’s easily fooled, but it tracks everything I do on my phone.
So here’s the login page
Mail address: [email protected]
And password: ksh56ljKg
Now all of you can see everything I do on my phone :wink:


Why are you using pornhub app? Uninstall it.


Hey y’all count me in. 580514


Already done. One of the drawbacks with qustodio is that I can fool it by using apps like that.
But I can’t fool you guys :grin: that’s why I decided to do it this way instead.


Welcome @Kalin :grin:
Good luck and keep strong


Count me in too! :grin:
I could really use an accountability group.
Code: cae84b


Welcome @Dean64 to our little group :grin:


I’m out guys. I’m done.

I thought that nofap would make things better, but it hasn’t. I feel depressed, tired, uninspired… Basically the same way I felt before nofap. Only worse.Depression is back, and I’m tired if waking up and wrestling with triggers.

To be honest, I had ulterior motives for joining this forum. Being isolated, I guess what I really wanted was a community, thinking it would make things easier. I wanted to connect with people, and feel like I was apart of something. But in truth, it just feels as empty and hollow as watching porn does, but with porn I at least get a dopamine high. It’s synthetic for sure, but it’s escapism.

I don’t mind if I sound defeatist, but I’ve learned that life means that some win and some lose. I’ve learned that some people have a genetic predisposition to addiction, and I’ve found nothing in life that has made me happy or satisfied. I do love reading comics, but that’s just not the same thing. I hate gaming, and everything just seems uninteresting.

I truly wanted to think that this forum would help, but it hasn’t. It just feels empty. At least with porn I felt something, and had something to look forward to.

But I’ve learned a lot about my st since then. I learned that what I truly wanted out of life was validation, but that’s something that can only be internal. However, I feel nothing, and I’ve learned that life isn’t about finding happiness. There’s no such thing the way I see it.

So with that, I think my time on this forum is over. I don’t care about relapsing anymore, because deep down I knew it wasn’t going to last. I don’t care if I get caught. I don’t care about anything. Life has no meaning or value, and happiness is for the Pigs.


@anon31780630 sorry to see you leave. Good luck on you journey through life. If you ever feel like joining again we are here for you bro


You guys need to get out of the relapse swamp. No judgment, we’ve all been there.
We are here to help, if you you need advise or help, just ask.


Ugh. It’s easier said than done. The first few days are the worst. (I’d know. My highest streak was 115 days) I’ll keep trying tho.


I’m sorry to hear that… You definitely need a purpose and you need a higher power… I can’t do this on my own. I can go for 6 months sometimes in my own but I’ve got to keep hope that there’s something better. I know there is.

I personally believe in God and I know he knows me and my situation better than I even do. He knows how it’s gonna turn out but he’s not gonna force me to do something I don’t choose.

I’ve had to do some deep searching to come to the understanding that his love is truly unconditional. He loves us when we succeed and he especially loves us when we fail. He’s there for us to help us no matter what. I feel empty sometimes too but I’ve got to live for something greater than myself in order to feel alive. We all do. If encourage you to find a church or nonprofit or something that forces you not to just stay away from porn and white knuckle your streak but to replace it with something that truly enlightens you and brings you to a higher place.

I wish you all the best. I know that porn will not bring you to the place you want to go but that’s something you have to know for yourself. I can’t know it for you. And I’ve had to have times where I’ve given up to find that out. But I’ve never gone back to porn and been satisfied. I hope we’ll see you back someday.


I don’t know if it’s too late, but count me in.



You are so welcome @CD001


Thank your so much; hopefully having somebody holding me accountable should keep me from relapsing again. I shall be sure to keep the group updated with my achievements during my journey to recovery! :blush:


Hey can I join? I’ve been on this only 10 days but i’m really determined…