[SincereDev] Journey From 0 to ♾️ [25 M]

Hello Guys…
It’s me…
Since a long time ago… I was regular here…
This is my first diary… Honestly I don’t know much about writing personal experiences on public forum. So any Writing Mistake or grammatical errors should be there… Plz avoid it

The main purpose of writing all this to Be regular and Honest About Myself to all of you.


Day 0

Yeah…it’s My First failure in 2022… Today I was totally disappointed. I watched P and then same cycle repeated 2 times in a day.

I don’t wanna write much about it.

Here I will share my experience and ask for advices/help regarding discipline.


All the best for your journey ahead :muscle: :muscle:


In first 14 days of 2022…
Anti Addiction music helped me… But today It was all blank for me… It was all sudden and I opened website after getting triggered from Instagram. :pensive:

My Career is in Jeopardy… I failed yesterday in my important exam of career… since than it was very unfamiliar situation for me…Might be that internal fear of failure Haunt me again

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I cannot waste my life, time and efforts… For the sake of models in screen​:face_vomiting: or my dark fantacies… :pensive:

It’s all my frustration which is coming out from typing… It’s all regret… It’s all that frustration… I can’t explain…

Most Important thing That Precious “time” is all that lost… In this whole fuking cycle… That cycle man… :frowning::angry:

Hey what’s up homie…

Bro… Read my state of mind above… From some msgs… I failed today first time in 2022…

Delete Instagram now. Seriously, delete all the social media apps. They are trash. You will not get anything of value from them.

We are man. We do big things. What a waste of time social media is.


Day 1

I have fever and my health was down a bit.
Certainly in that situation, I regretted about my indiscipline. And rue about my bad habit which wasted my time a lot in all these year
Definitely all these things are motivating me

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Don’t worry bro, we’re all here with you! Pain is temporary, but achievement is forever :fire::fire:
H̶a̶i̶l̶ ̶H̶y̶d̶r̶a̶!

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Don’t worry bro. Don’t be depressed. Learn smthg from it and move on. You can pm me anytime whenever you feel low. Whenever I see I will try to help .:+1::+1:


Day 2

Woke up at 3:30 am, fever was not much in the morning but mild headache was there might be the symptoms of omicron varient although I took lukewarm water around half a litre in morning, it’s around 6°c at that time. Not used to such cold weather :grimacing: usually but I determined to use isolation for some productive purposes therefore Studied around 100 min in morning.

Whole day spent at room with Broken Sessions of studies. Took Day nap as well, total study time was 7 hrs not much by any means
I observed study causes headache but and watching entertainment (youtube, web series) doesn’t causes anything :man_facepalming::joy:

At night I watched around half of Harry Potter part 1 movie at mobile and then I slept


Don’t stay isolated for long. Lolnelyness is major cause of pmo. So try to be in contact with family and friends, if not physically then virtually. :+1::+1:


I am in interaction don’t worry

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Day 3 & 4

I’m recovered almost from fever and weakness…
In today
Missed yesterday part of dairy writing so writing now

I’m bit disorganised today and didn’t studied much in last 2 days… :pensive:
Not in mood to explain anything regarding it



Day 5

Day with Multiple instances I hit with urges… Although I didn’t given up even an inch of my ground… I am strong and Powerful. :muscle:

Attended online class lectures but didn’t studied much due to disturbances



Day 6

Day with full of urges… These were disturbing for whole day but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

I wasted my time watching movies and playing some games.

Did some self study from notes and that’s it. My isolation period was ending today


Day 7 & 8

From Day 7 good things beginning to happen. From Yesterday there was clarity in my my mind… Earlier as I said in day 5 and 6 these might be the days of blankness but after this I observed a sense of relief and calmness in my mind…
My confidence was increasing… Inferiority complex is much reduced as compare to feeling after failure

This is now where I belong :muscle:



Day 9 and 10

Wow… I made double digit streak… That’s good

There was certainly a clarity in my mind… Used time for focus on my studies and all. Learn to drive confidently…
I’m now Taking a day by day steps rather than counting it.

I wanted to make this is a lifestyle to live a [email protected] free life.