Should I Erase her Memories?

You just had too huh xd

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That’s what I want. That’s exactly why I intend to meet her, to be rejected.


Brother @vickyx It’s clear that you have miles to go with girls. Don’t get obsessed with girls like you are right now it isn’t healthy. But I guess I can understand it because you’re just 16 years old probably.

Girl will get attracted to you only when she will start speaking to you(Although it isn’t guaranteed but that’s the first step.). Boys are visual creatures. They see a girl and if she is beautiful they fall in love. It’s your hormone what is currently speaking.

Also most of what you see in the movies about women behavior is brainwashing. Reality is quite different.
Women is not behind a successful men. Even if they are they can be in the form of mother or sister. There are some great people like Newton, Nikola Tesla who died virgin. Alan Turing was gay.
In fact dating women is a responsibility, a distraction, this you won’t understand until you get in a relationship.

But you should experience it by yourself. Do not go by what others are telling. Right girl at right time I guess may help in your life. I don’t deny that.


Bro @vickyx you are overthinking all of this! If you like her, then ask her out! If you don’t want to have a relationship then don’t ask her out! But if you are choosing to forget her and all of that shit because you think you’ll get rejected then that’s stupid! What makes you think she doesn’t like you huh? What makes you think she’ll reject you? What if she likes you back? What if she’s been crushing on you this whole time? Women are mysterious creatures man, you never know what they want :joy::sweat_smile:.

Anyway my point was that the only person putting you down here is yourself. If you are insecure and think you are not good enough then that makes you less confident and as a result send any chance you have out of the window! The very fact that you are attempting nofap makes you miles above the rest man! So cheer up bro! Always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Go for it bro! Ask her on a date!

And what’s the whole deal with your mom finding you a girl man? See I understand that arranged marriage is fail proof, but don’t rely on it! What if the girl your mom finds is some girl you don’t like but marries her for family and end hating it all? I’m not saying it will be like that but just as you say that the girl will reject you, there’s a possibility that this will happen as well. Try your luck in the dating world my bro! There’s plenty of fish in the sea. If this one ain’t for you then there’s another one!

What I’m trying to say in conclusion is that you only live once and don’t miss all these little things while chasing success! You are in your teens, don’t fix on a life just yet! Live a little! Teen romance, love, relationship, rejection, breakup all of this is a part of life. time flies by fast bro! You’ll become old before you know it! You’ll regret not experiencing all of this one day. Ask any college student, they long for their highschool days. Ask any person who work, they long for the college days. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen 3 idiots! Don’t be a chathur bro. Be more like Rancho. Chathur was more career focused and studied all the time and managed to piss everyone off. Rancho had his fun, fell in love, fucked up miserably many times but was much more successful than Rancho. He was happy! Remember what he said, don’t run after success, but excellence, success will follow you! What I’m trying to say is, that you are young. Try to experience everything when it’s possible. Live life a little! Ever read the book " the alchemist" ? Spoiler, in the end when the protagonist meets the sage or someone, the sage gives him a spoon with 2 drops of oil. He then asked him to go for a walk around this beautiful garden. At first he walked around, looked at all the beauty but when he came back the spoon was empty. The next time he went around he focused on the spoon but forgot what was happening around him. He missed the whole thing. The lesson here is to find the balance in life. Don’t be so goal driven that you miss out on everything your your youth has to offer! But also don’t go hunting every high in your life that you end up nowhere. Ok peace!
Also, delete the photos man. Don’t Keep her photos for the sake of it man, its kinda creepy


I love 3 idiots, it’s 2nd on my favourite list. I don’t know how to ask her out because there’s no connection between us, she also had a bf but I don’t know if they’re still together. My school life is over now, it’s time for college. I understood what you’re trying to say, possibilities are endless and regrets are painful so I’m gonna bring a new spark to my life. I’m gonna learn guitar because I always wanted to do busking, maybe that can give me more clarity towards life. :v::blush:


@PrDr I think you aren’t much older. I think it’s more appropriate time so that when you go out with a girl you can spend your own money not your parents.

It’s not rocket science to have a girlfriend. It’s just you need little bit of courage to talk to her not as a friend but as a potential girlfriend. Flirt little bit. And also you aren’t exception. You’re overthinking it. Don’t get discouraged. Also, if you want to focus on your carrier now and have arrange marriage that is also fine. There’s nothing wrong with that.

If you want to talk to me about something specific you can direct message me.

Cheers mate.


Yo just erase that, it will make you stronger. If a woman wants to meet you, she will do everything to make it happen. If a woman doesnt care, any reason if good enough to leave you hanging. Just focus on yourself, that’s the most important thing. How can she walue you if you dont walue your own time. Stay strong, invest time in yourself. Dont waste it on some old memories. Fingers crossed my man


One famous hero once said…
“Memory is an interesting thing…
We try to remember a small thing…we find it hard to recall it…
However to forget something…sometimes it takes the whole life to get rid of that memory”

Its tough to forget someone and specially the person who created a big place in your heart.
I m going through similar challenge, I last saw my love on 14th June 2019…after that…no contact, no calls, no messages and I m blocked everywhere. I m not disturbing her…since she is at peace. I have left it to the God…if I have to suffer, I will go through this phase, till He creates a miracle.
I m therefore working on myself and removing all bad habits in me and therefore joined this app.
I wish to stay connected with like minded people and don’t feel alone.
Looking for your support.



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I’ve finally decided to erase all those memories from my phone, then I’ll eventually erase her from my memories. Journey ahead will be alot easier if we don’t carry our past :triumph:


Hello …
I know it’s hard but for yourslef , "delete it … "
Delete it to make your brain understand that’s over to give it the end that your heart told you oooh noo , it’s too hard , you can’t forget her with this easiest way .
Love yourself told you to do that … believe me man .
It will be not easy , I know but think only about your pain … and you don’t want that … you want to be focus on goals not stuck on something will take more than give and without any hope .
I really hope that you will do it and go on .


Where did you get this book?

Brother you have deep knowledge… One must not be so goal driven that he forgets his youth

A friend suggested me, do ya want it?

yes I do want it if possible

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