Share your experiences with the "new guy"

If anyone wants to give any tips for new people(like me) and help them on this journey feel free to share
And thanks in advance

Use this forum. That would be my no. 1 piece of advice. If you feel the urge, don’t act upon it, but don’t keep it in. Keeping it to yourself can allow it to overcome you. Post on here, ask for the community to guide you during the difficult time. Share your experience and troubles with those going through it alongside you. My sharing code is b0327d if you’d like a companion

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nice that you are here.

What I learned during my time here, is that there is not THE solution. No simple way to do it.
But I guess there are some things that could make it easier for you to find your way.

  • Write a diary! doesn’t have to be here in the forum. could also be just for your self. I think that is the most important advice I can give
  • meditation is always a good starting point. It gives you time to listen to your body and mind. Helps figuring out what the problems are
  • Happiness. The more down you feel, the easier it is for porn to get to you
  • Schedule your time with healthy habits. Find the right point between too busy and too often bored.
  • Listen to the urges instead of fighting them

They are all a bit vague, but the problem is, we don’t know you, your problem, your habits. You have to learn what happiness is for you, what a healthy habit is for you.

Also, read through the forum. There are many advice around. But never think that the solutions stated by a person are perfect and the only way. Even if they are my advice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I totally agree with you. I just want to make clear that I wasn’t suggesting to fight or ignore the urges, just that I personally find that the process of having it known to people that I am having those urges (just like them) helps to act as a natural release of those urges.

Well i have a new companion now, thanks for your time for writing this never thought the comunity would always be here but i thought wrong so thank you for the advice i will work by them.

This is really in depth just what i wanted,i will prioritize having a diary and meditation
Try and make them habits then go for more good habits thank you for sharing this now i know where my start point is going to be.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is what I’m currently using. If you need a starting point for meditation

Wow this really helped il check the app out and maybe even start today. Thanks for dedicating your time for helping