Sexting but Avoiding PMO

If do sexting (sexy chatting) & roleplay with the girlfriend and avoid PMO, then relapse occurs or not?
If I do sexting with my girlfriend but avoid PMO, then this is relapse or not? Will relapse occur or not while I avoid PMO?

If you do sexting chat or texting you have a high chances of relapsing. The urges will occur bro. Don’t do it.

My 8 day streak went just because I accidently peeked an adult manga.

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I would suggest to do chats which will divert your mind.


Suppose I do sexting but I avoid PMO by using some Techniques or by reminding my previous experiences, then will relapse occur?

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I wont work bro. Why do you want to sexting ? Is it important for you ?

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I do sexting for maintaining sexual compatibility & sexual attachment. If I avoid porn, masturbation as well as I avoid even touching my penis, then will relapse occur or not?

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Not at all.

Only for PMO addict, PMO is relapse

But if sexting is an addiction , the every time you do sext is a relapse.

Like for alcohol addict , drinking alcohol is a relapse.


Sexting has not become my addiction because I can live without sexting. I do sexting when my friend is in mood of sexting. Then, I do sexting but not daily. And I don’t even touch my penis during sexting. Then, relapse occured or not?

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But be aware ! I mean be mindful while you sext. An addiction can develop easily through mindless sexting. I am advising u for ur wellbeing only

Stay happy and enjoy

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I didn’t understand your reply

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meaning be mindful while you sext. An addiction can develop easily through mindless sexting. I am advising u for ur wellbeing only

Yes, I know that you’re advising for my wellbeing & I appreciate you for that so much.
Means if I’ll stay mindful while sexting and avoid masturbation & avoid even touching my penis, then relapse will not occur?

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Not at all…


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Thanks :blush:
Thanks for giving time :blush:

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Thanks for clearing my confusion :blush:

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So true man. That alcohol example is perfect.


Why do I feel this will not end well :joy:


You’re slowly chipping away at your will power. The more you do this, the thinner the line gets between whether relapse worth it or not.

I’ll give an analogy. Think of relapsing/pmo/lust as rain or a storm. And that you like rain and enjoy getting wet in the rain. And then you decide to stay dry, which is nofap. Best way to stay dry is to stay inside your house and close all windows and doors. As long as you are inside the house will everything shut, you will stay dry.

But then you start looking outside the window, you see the rain and it’s very tempting to just step outside. But you choose not to. You just keep looking outside the window because you’re still dry by doing that. But the more you look outside, the more tempted you get to step outside. This is like looking at nude pics or explicit content in general whatever that means to you and not jerking off.

Ok now say you get tempted and you open the window, you get a little wet due to the drizzle entering your house through the window. You are not wet completely, you just feeling a little bit of the rain. You still haven’t crossed the line and you’re still not drenched. So you stay there, you feel the cool breeze and you enjoy it. This is like sexting or edging let’s say. You’re acting up on the temptation. One window is sexting, the other window is edging etc. The more windows you open, the more drizzle enters your house and you get wet due to rain. The longer you continue to do this, the closer you get to becoming completely drenched. Sooner or later, you’ll reach a position where there is not much difference between staying in the house and going outside and getting drenched. Because you already opened so many windows and let the drizzle in and you already have been substantially wet.

This is when you’ll crack. You’ll analyse your situation and realise that you don’t have much to lose if you just go out and get drenched. You loose accountability. The value of staying in diminishes overtime.

The value of doing nofap diminishes over time, the more you explore the boundaries of allowed freedom within nofap. I hope what i said makes sense


Just like to chip in if l may. I won’t say my speech on why you shouldn’t sext but this…

Do you think sexual attachment is healthy. The reason l say is the “spark” in any relationship is just a short term and if you don’t have fundation will result badly. It’s easy to mix desire with lust when it’s sexual. Be careful and remember this

Love is not just feeling. Let me repeat that Love is not JUST feeling. If it was then men get high on the drive and then reject the girl.

Love is action. When you give flowers and when you do selfless acts for her. In the relationship you do things for her and she does things for you.

All the best and stay AWESOME